The Affray at Harlem was a confrontation between Bruce Banner (in the form of the Hulk) and Emil Blonsky (in the form of the Abomination) in the New York City neighborhood of Harlem.

The skirmish began shortly after Blonsky forced Samuel Sterns to administer a dose of Banner's blood, thereby transforming Blonsky into the Abomination. Blonsky fled the laboratory near 121st Street and Broadway with the Army and NYPD in pursuit. Soldiers notified Lt. Gen. Thaddeus Ross of the rampage, incorrectly identifying Blonsky as the Hulk, without knowing that Ross was traveling with Banner in his custody.

Ross ordered his transport helicopter to return to New York City where Banner leapt from the airborne chopper, crashing into the street below before transforming into the Hulk. He and Blonsky then clashed in front of the Apollo Theater; Blonsky quickly overpowered Banner, throwing him down the length of 125th Street. Banner proceeded to rip a police cruiser in half, using the pieces as massive metallic boxing gloves to pummel Blonsky into the street.

Blonsky managed to kick Banner into a neighboring apartment building, but was attacked with turret gun fire as Ross's helicopter arrived to provide air support. Blonsky fled across the rooftops and Banner pursued him until Blonsky leapt toward the helicopter, attempting to drag down the aircraft even as Banner clung to his back. Blonsky eventually forced the helicopter to crash-land in a construction site, where he and Banner continued their battle even as Banner witnessed Elizabeth Ross struggling to escape the wrecked chopper.

His concern for her gave him the strength to break free of Blonsky's grip, and when the helicopter's leaking fuel ignited, he created a shockwave to extinguish the flames. Blonsky then battered Banner with cement pylons attached to a chain and attempted to attack the Rosses as they escaped the helicopter, but Banner regained his strength, attacking Blonsky with his own chain and strangling him into submission. Banner only relented at Elizabeth's insistence, and when a backup helicopter arrived, Banner fled.

Blonsky was later transferred to a cryogenic facility outside Barrow, Alaska.