The Affray at Rose Hill was a confrontation between Tony Stark and several Extremis-enhanced soldiers that occurred in Rose Hill, Tennessee.

Stark had traveled to Rose Hill to investigate the death of Chad Davis, arranging to meet with his mother at a local bar. Ms. Davis offered Stark a confidential dossier of information that her son had collected before realizing that Stark was not the person she had been waiting to meet.

Moments later, Stark was assaulted by Ellen Brandt, who attempted to arrest Stark before she was interrupted by a Rose Hill deputy sheriff. She killed the sheriff, and Stark fled the bar, encountering Eric Savin in the street before rushing into a nearby restaurant. Brandt pursued him inside, battering him badly until he lit a vat of oil on fire; Brandt endured the flames to continue her attack, but Stark improvised an explosive by severing a gas line and activating a microwave oven with a set of dog tags inside. The blast destroyed the building, killing Brandt and hurling her body into a tangle of overhead electrical wires.

Stark fled, but found Savin weakening the leg of a water tower, which subsequently collapsed, dousing Stark in a deluge and pinning his legs under the debris. Savin then approached Stark with Harley Keener as a hostage, demanding that Stark return Davis's file, but Harley distracted Savin with a blinding blast from one of Stark's repulsor diodes, and Stark disabled Savin with a blast from a palm-repulsor in his sleeve.


Following the attack, Stark recovered Davis's file and left Rose Hill.

Savin subsequently recovered from the altercation.