All the Comforts of Home
All the Comforts of Home
Season 5
Episode 11
Airdate March 2, 2018
Written by Drew Z. Greenberg
Directed by Kate Woods
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All the Comforts of Home is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.and the 99th episode overall.


Coulson and the team set out to rewrite the course of humanity's fate; they're unaware that their efforts will dramatically change one S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's life.

Plot Edit

Back in their time, Coulson and the team meet Noah, Enoch's successor, a Chronicom who has been monitoring the world from the Lighthouse in their absence. Fitting with Voss' description as the first signs of the end, Coulson, May, Fitz, Simmons, and Mack investigate a beacon originating from the Earth. Reluctant to join the team, Johnson stays behind and discovers that Deke survived the explosion. After he is arrested, Johnson is forced to leave the bunker to save him and prevent him from exposing the team, who are now Most Wanted. Upon finding the beacon, Coulson and the team reunite with Agent Piper, who is later revealed to be working for General Hale. The team are then ambushed by a group of Hale's robotic soldiers, led by an assassin. During the fight, the assassin attempts to kill Mack with her chakram, but Yo-Yo blocks the attack and loses both her arms. Piper realigns with the team as they retreat to the Lighthouse with the beacon, which detonates as Noah sacrifices himself to save Johnson and Fitz. Later, General Hale criticizes the assassin, revealed to be her daughter, Ruby, for jeopardizing the operation. In Philadelphia, General Hale recruits Carl Creel to join her team, which he reluctantly agrees to.

Cast Edit

Main Cast:

Guest Stars:

  • Jeff Ward as Deke Shaw
  • Catherine Dent as General Hale
  • Dove Cameron as Ruby
  • Brian Patrick Wade as Carl Creel
  • Briana Venskus as Agent Piper
  • Shontae Saldana as Candice Lee
  • Antonio Aaron as Officer Kennedy
  • Stewart Skelton as Chief Wellins
  • Patrick Warburton as General Stoner
  • Joel David Moore as Noah
  • Josh Fingerhut as bartender
  • Amy Tolsky as woman.