The Assault at Culver University was an attack on Bruce Banner by a battalion of United States Army soldiers, including the Supersoldier Serum-enhanced Emil Blonsky, led by Thaddeus Ross at the campus of Culver University.


After spending years on the run following the disastrous experiment that transformed him into the Hulk, Dr. Banner returned to Culver University and contacted Elizabeth Ross in order to retrieve the research the two had done as part of their original experiment.

At the same time, Elizabeth's father, General Ross, agreed to have one of his soldiers, Captain Emil Blonsky, administered a low dose of Abraham Erskine's supersoldier serum. Ross later learned from his daughter's new boyfriend, Leonard Samson, that Banner had made contact with Elizabeth.


The following day, Elizabeth escorted Banner to the bus station at the campus of Culver University. Before Elizabeth could lead, Banner spotted soldiers approaching, and fled with a contingent of Humvees in pursuit followed by an armored tank carrying General Ross. Banner spotted the enhanced Blonsky chasing him on foot at superhuman speed, and rushed into the University library building to evade capture. Inside, he forced himself to swallow the flashdrive containing his and Ross's research data, then fled again with soldiers in pursuit.

Wikia SHIELD - Culver Hulk appears

Outside the library, Elizabeth confronted her father just as Banner reached the windowed overpass between buildings, where he was pinned by soldiers who fired gas-canisters into the enclosure. Elizabeth rushed toward the library as gas filled the overpass; Banner watched as she was tackled by soldiers, and became so enraged by the sight that he transformed into the Hulk, bursting through the window and leaping to the lawn below.

A squad of soldiers opened fire with machine guns, and Banner charged toward them, overturning one Humvee and shattered another when they fired on him with 50 caliber turret guns. He then hurled the engine from one of the vehicles across the lawn, causing two military trucks to explode. Blonsky then moved in with a grenade launcher, and Banner ripped free two massive sheets of shrapnel to use as shields, but Blonsky rushed at Banner, leaping over the Hulk repeatedly and firing on him with a handgun. As Banner swung at Blonsky with the sheets of shrapnel, Blonsky managed to narrowly avoid the attack due to his supersoldier enhancements.

As a pair of Humvees armed with sonic cannons approached, Blonsky fled across the lawn, leading the Hulk into the line of fire as soldiers activated two acoustic weapons. One blast grazed Blonsky, but the attack termporarily incapacitated the Hulk as Ross ordered his daughter removed from the grounds. The sound of Elizabeth screaming at her father to stop once more enraged the Hulk until he managed to hurl a sheet of shrapnel at one Humvee, disabling its sonic cannon as he leapt at the second vehicle, smashing its weapons. Blonsky then retrieved a machine gun and fired at the Hulk before approaching him and demanding to know if "that [is] all you got?" The Hulk promptly kicked Blonsky across the lawn and into a tree, shattering most of the bones in his body.

Ross then ordered his battalion to retreat, and Elizabeth approached the Hulk as a gunship arrived, opening fire on Banner. When Ross realized that his daughter was with the Hulk, he ordered the helicopter to stand down, but Banner flung a sheet of shrapnel at the incoming aircraft, severing its propellers. The gunship promptly crashed, exploding as the Hulk shielded Elizabeth from the fiery wreck. Banner then left the scene with the unconscious Elizabeth as General Ross looked on.