The Assault in Kunar Province was an attack on a United States Air Force convoy by members of the Ten Rings terrorist organization in Afghanistan.

Weapons developer Tony Stark had traveled to Bagram Air Base in the Parwān Province to host a demonstration of the Stark Industries Jericho warhead for a group of Army representatives in neighboring Kunar Province. Following the demonstration, a convoy of five Humvees transported Stark back to Bagram, but was attacked by a contingent of terrorists.

All of the soldiers were killed in the attack, and Stark was incapacitated with one of his company's own explosives. Stark was subsequently taken hostage by the Ten Rings and kept prisoner in a cave where he was saved by fellow captive Ho Yinsen, who installed a small electromagnet into Stark's chest in order to keep the shrapnel of his bomb from reaching his heart. Stark was ordered by his captors to build a replica of the Jericho warhead for the Ten Rings, but Stark instead built a miniature arc reactor to power Yinsen's electromagnet and constructed a suit of armor.

When the suit was fully powered, Stark staged an escape, during which Yinsen was killed and the entire Ten Rings facility was destroyed. Stark fled into the desert, and was rescued by a unit of American soldiers led by James Rhodes.


Stark later learned that his capture was orchestrated by Obadiah Stane in an attempt by Stane to take over Stark Industries.

Members of the Ten Rings eventually located the pieces of Stark's Mark I suit and attempted to reassemble them. Stane later traveled to Afghanistan to retrieve the suit, slaughtering the cell of terrorists and using Stark's improvised design to create the Iron Monger Armor.