The Assault on Gulmira was a brief, armed attack by industrialist Tony Stark (wearing his Iron Man Mark III armor) on terrorists associated with the Ten Rings that took place in the town of Gulmira in Afghanistan.

After seeing a news broadcast on a terrorist takeover of Gulmira (the hometown of the Ho Yinsen), Stark traveled to Afghanistan in his Iron Man armor to avenge the man who had saved his life. Stark killed all but one of the terrorists in just thirty seconds, leaving the last man to the mercy of the townspeople before taking off.

While in flight after leaving the town, Stark targeted the Stark Industries missiles at a Ten Rings weapons depot, but he was shot down by a tank; after crash-landing, Stark returned fire, blowing up the tank with a small missile before coming under machine gun fire. As he launched again, he destroyed a Jericho missile launcher with his palm-repulsor, incinerating the entire depot before leaving the country.


As Stark attempted to return to the United States, he was intercepted by a pair of F-22 Raptors that engaged him as a hostile. Stark evaded their attacks, inadvertently destroying one of the fighter jets and forcing its pilot to eject. When the pilot's parachute failed to deploy, Stark chased the plummeting man and manually deploying the parachute before fleeing from the second jet and escaping.