The Assault on Stark Mansion was an attack on the Malibu residence of Tony Stark that was launched by Eric Savin under orders from Aldrich Killian, in retaliation for Stark's taunts toward the Mandarin.

Savin coordinated three attack helicopters that approached the Mansion from the Pacific Ocean, firing missiles into the house. Stark summoned his Mark 42 armor, directing it to encase Pepper Potts to protect her from the attack, and Potts used the armor to protect Stark from falling debris.

Savin's helicopters continued firing missiles into the building as Stark instructed Potts to evacuate Maya Hansen from the house. As the onslaught continued, the building began collapsing from the side of the bluffs, and once Potts and Hansen were safe, Stark summoned the Mark 42 off of Potts to himself. As the helicopters opened fire with turret guns, Stark used his palm-repulsors to launch a piano into one helicopter, causing it to crash into the ocean. He then ripped a missile out of the suit's arm and hurled it at a second helicopter, using his repulsor to detonate the explosive.

The second chopper crashed into Stark's Mansion, hastening the destruction of the building as Savin's helicopter continued firing missiles into the house until it collapsed entirely into the Pacific, dragging Stark down into the water with it.


Following the attack, the public believed that Stark had died. However, his armor had dragged him free of the debris and automatically piloted him to the small town of Rose Hill, Tennessee before losing power completely.