Brawl at Stark Mansion
Occurred in Stark Mansion
Participants Tony Stark (Mk IV armor)
James Rhodes (Mk II armor)
Appearances Iron Man 2 (MCU)

The Brawl at Stark Mansion was a fight between Tony Stark (wearing his Iron Man Mark IV armor) and Lt. Col. James Rhodes (wearing Stark's Iron Man Mark II armor) that occurred at Stark's Mansion in Malibu.

During his birthday celebration, Stark became inebriated, and Rhodes arrived to find Stark stumbling around his home while wearing the Mark IV suit. When Pepper Potts attempted to diplomatically end the party, Stark announced the beginning of the afterparty; he then proceeded to use his palm-repulsor to blast champagne bottles thrown into the air by his guests. Rhodes rushed to Stark's armory and commandeered the Mark II suit.

Rhodes then ordered Stark's guests to leave, and confronted Stark. While Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" played, Stark used his repulsor to blast himself and Rhodes through a wall into the gym where the two battered each other with weight plates. Rhodes then hurled Stark through the gym's ceiling onto the second story, after which the two crashed back through the floor into the room where the last of Stark's party guests were fleeing.

Happy Hogan rushed Potts out of the room as Stark and Rhodes continued to pummel one another, until Stark temporarily incapacitated Rhodes by throwing him through the bar. Stark then faced his guests and bellowed at them, causing them to flee; moments later, Rhodes ripped the sink from the bar and struck Stark in the head with it, knocking Stark into the fireplace. Stark then threatened Rhodes with his palm repulsor, and Rhodes defended himself in kind; the two fired simultaneously, their energy streams colliding and detonating, blowing out the entire front of Stark's mansion.


While Stark's suit was momentarily disabled, Rhodes launched in the Mark II suit, flying to Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert to deliver the suit to the United States Air Force. The suit was then refitted by Justin Hammer to become the War Machine Mark I armor.