Carl Creel, known in the comics as the Absorbing Man, is an extremely powerful individual, with the capacity to take on the properties of anything he touches.

Early History Edit

The origins of Creel's powers are unknown, but he has mentioned they were the result of some sort of experiment.

He was formerly a boxer with the stage name "The Crusher". Before a fight, Creel would always absorb metal and thereby make his skin as hard as steel.

When S.H.I.E.L.D. learned about his powers, they added his name to the Index; however, S.H.I.E.L.D. soon came to believe Creel was too dangerous and ordered his execution.

Secretly, however, John Garrett forced Creel to work for Hydra by brainwashing him, adding the superhuman to his team.

The Absorbing Man Edit

In "Shadows", Creel is tasked by Hydra to steal the Diviner from a government warehouse. Coulson's team interferes with his mission, but, in the end, Creel walks away with the Diviner after killing Izzy and Idaho.

In "Heavy is the Head", Creel goes to a roadside diner to meet his Hydra contact, but his contact never arrives and, even with his powers, Creel is having trouble stopping the Diviner's power from killing him. When a waitress at the diner touches a section of Creel's arm that had already been partially encased by the terrigenesis cocoon from the Diviner, her entire body start becoming encased in a coccoon and she slowly dies. Creel flees the scene before the ambulance arrives. Creel later receives a call from his Hydra contact explaining how because S.H.I.E.L.D. is now involved Hydra is being much more cautious which is why he never came to the diner. Furthermore, Creel's contact instructs him to meet him at the secondary drop site. Raina then appears trying to bribe Creel with a ring made of carbine, an allotrope of carbon that's found in stardust and is three times harder than diamond. Creel takes the ring and tells Raina that anything she could pay him wouldn't be enough to make him go against Hydra

Little did Creel know, Raina implanted a tracer in the ring and tipped Coulson off about it in the hopes S.H.I.E.L.D. would stop Creel as Raina doesn't want Hydra to get the Diviner.

Creel meets his Hydra contact on a park bench with the Diviner. However, Hunter appears and tries to kill Creel in revenge for killing Izzy. The bullet, however, bounces off Creel's head as he absorbed the Carbine Raina gave him.

Creel starts fighting Hunter and is about to kill him when Coulson shoots Creel with the Overkill Device which shuts down Creel's powers. This causes the Diviner's power to quickly overwhelm Creel and petrify him.

At the end of the episode, Coulson delivers the cryogenically frozen body of Creel to Talbot as a peace offering, allowing Talbot to take all the credit for stopping Creel.Talbot found a way to 'reactivate' Creel and employed him as a personal bodyguard.

In "The Inside Man", Lincoln catches Creel following Coulson and Talbot from the airport and a fight ensues. Lincoln's electric attack quickly becomes ineffective after Creel absorbs the rubber from a car tire, but Coulson and May are able to take him down. However, Talbot orders them to stop saying that Creel is his bodyguard.

Talbot later explains how they were able to reverse Creel's brainwashing and reform him. Furthermore, Talbot refused to go with Coulson to the international symposium on inhumans unless Creel went with them.

After Coulson and Talbot were taken prisoner by Malick, Creel rescued them and also retrieved Talbot's son who was being held prisoner by Malick also.

Abilities Edit

  • Absorption: Can absorb the properties of anything he touches, along with its mass.
  • Molecular Transconfiguration: After he absorbs a substance, he can alter the molecular structure of his body to transform it into that substance.
  • Terrigen Immunity: For an unknown reason, Creel seems to be immune to terrigeneis. Simmons theorizes that a vaccine against terrigenesis could be made from his blood.

Trivia Edit

  • Creel keeps a store of unique materials that he uses for a reference when he needs to take on particular properties.
  • In the comics Creel has gone toe-to-toe with Thor, The Hulk and many other of Marvel's heaviest hitters. He is, however, a near-mindless brute, usually outwitted by heroes and villains alike.
  • In Season 1, Episode 1 of Marvel's Daredevil, an aged poster advertising a fight between Carl "The Crusher" Creel and Jonathan "Jack" Murdock can be seen in Fogwell's Gym. Audio for the fight can be heard over the radio in Season 1, Episode 2 of Daredevil.




"Heavy is the Head"Edit