The Centipede Device was the injector mechanism, used by the Project Centipede team, that pumped the Centipede serum into a human body. It was seen in use on Mike Peterson, and later on the supersoldiers the Centipede Group used to free Edison Po. The Centipede may give a person superhuman abilities, but it also causes them to lose their minds and eventually explode in anger, due to the volatile substance of the Extremis virus. In the wake of the experiments on Chan Ho Yin, the Centipede Group has developed means of reducing the risk and keeping subjects alive longer, although the effects of the Night-Night Gun on Mike Peterson seem more lasting and desirable.

The Centipede's serum is discernibly similar to that developed by Dr. Erskine for the "Super-Soldier" project in the 1940s, which turned Steve Rogers into Captain America.


  • The Centipede, in its function not placement, resembles the 'Spine of the Saracen' from Warehouse 13, although literature has had many such 'boosting devices' and drugs.
  • While Mike Peterson and the Centipede Groups earlier test subjects had only one device, later super-soldiers had multiple devices on their bodies at a time, presumably with a cumulative effect.
  • The device is made from salvaged Chitauri metal.