Season 3
Episode 9
Airdate December 1, 2015
Written by Brent Fletcher
Directed by Kate Woods
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"Closure"  is the ninth episode of Season 3 in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The episode aired on December 1, 2015 on ABC.

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Ward's campaign for revenge brings the S.H.I.E.L.D. team to their knees, and Coulson proves he will do anything to settle the score.[1]

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Coulson and Rosalind are at the latter's place for a meal, consisting of burgers from their favorite burger place. Coulson sees that Rosalind has a book of matches from the pub where they had their first drink. Rosalind says Banks thinks she’s crazy for still seeing Coulson. They discuss Rosalind unknowingly working for Hydra, Coulson apologizes for spying on her, even though he believed he was right to do so. They also talk about how Malick and also how he has his hands in every Washington organization, the ATCU included. Rosalind plans to keep working like nothing's wrong, but Coulson expresses his worry on not being able to protect her on the inside. Rosalind reassures him, as Malick doesn't know anything. Just a moment later a bullet comes through the window, hitting Rosalind in her neck. Coulson rushes to her side and desperately tries to keep her concious, but Rosalind dies with Coulson at her side. A few blocks away, Ward is seen pulling his eye of the sight of the sniper rifle he has with him.

Ward calls Coulson. Ward tells Coulson that he now knows what it feels like to have someone he loves bleed out in front of him. While Ward continues his monologue, Coulson messages for help. He tells if Ward wants him, he should come get him to settle it. Seconds later a Hydra henchman bursts into the apartment. Coulson manages to fight him off and uses him as a human shield against gunshot from another Hydra agent that has come in. Coulson knocks the both of them out, then grabs a can of airfreshener and uses it as a flash grenade by putting it on top of a candle. Coulson uses the moment to escape out of the window and gets into a gunfight with the Hydra henchmen, until Mack arrives with an extraction vehicle. He asks about Rosalind, but Coulson tells him to keep driving.

Mack and Coulson get back to base. The team, including Lincoln watch as Coulson silently and mournfully walks towards his office. When asked by Bobbi if Coulson said anything, Mack said all he told him was to get the interrogation room ready. 

In his office, Coulson looks at his bloodstained shirt and angrily rips it off, causing the book of matches, also stained with blood, to fall on the floor. The team hears crashing coming from Coulson's office upstairs.

Coulson talks to May alone, May tells him if he needs anything, he just needs to ask. Coulson wants to find out if there is a weakness from Ward they haven't exploited yet. May starts by telling him about when they slept together, telling Coulson there wasn't much talking. He then goes on to ask Jemma about when Ward saved her, she tells him that she was attracted to him, but it wasn't mutual. Fitz tells him about when he caught him in his bunk, looking at a picture of him and his mother and goes on telling that it felt like he and Ward were brothers, until Fitz realized he was using him to replace something that had gone missing. Daisy tries to comfort Coulson, but Coulson acts cold and asks her to just answer the questions. Daisy doubts if there was anything he didn't know yet.

Banks arrives at the base and meets with Mack and the science team.

Daisy tells Coulson about how she fell for Ward and how, despite everything that had happened, they shared a troubled past and also how he never lied to her. She can even understand how he fell under Garrett and Hydra’s spell, but she clarifies that she could never forgive him. She says Ward doesn’t kill because he feels nothing, but because he feels too much.

Mack and team ask Banks about Project Distant Star. Banks says it wasn’t funded by NASA, but by an independent contractor. That contractor was none other than Gideon Malick.

Ward reports to Malick. Malick scorns Ward for sending men after Coulson, because they need him alive. Malick then shows five stones, extracted from the Monolith, they were meant to be given to Hydra's most powerful leaders. Malick is worried that Ward leaves to much to chance. Ward, however, is confident that he knows Coulson better than Coulson himself.

When Hunter tries to express his condolences, Coulson grabs him by his neck and slams him against a wall. Coulson blames Hunter for not killing Ward when he was supposed to. Hunter gets another chance from Coulson when he asks for it. Coulson and Bobbi come along, with Bobbi acting as the pilot.

Coulson says he needs to cross some lines an S.H.I.E.L.D. director shouldn’t, and leaves Mack behind as interim director.

FitzSimmons, Banks, and a couple men investigate the Distant Star facility.  They discuss whether opening the portal to bring Will back, is the right thing, but stop when Banks shoots both guards that came along with them. Banks tells them he is not the one doing this, after which the gun turns to shoot Banks in the head, killing him. The Inhuman from the ATCU facility, Mr. Giyera, appears to collect Fitz-Simmons and take them to Malick.

Coulson and Hunter decide to "rob" a bank, as the target they are looking for, is there.

FitzSimmons is brought to face Ward an Malick. When Simmons gets asked about the Inhuman by Malick, she attemps to lash out, but is restrained. Simmons figures out that Hydra knows how to open a portal, but don't know how to get back. Ward suggests they split Fitz and Simmons up.

Daisy hears from Mack that Fitz-Simmons have been taken by Hydra. Daisy wants to save them, but Mack is reluctant to do so and calls Coulson, telling him about the kidnapping. Coulson realizes that Ward has set them up by mentioning the portal and angrily smashes his phone after hanging up. When asked by Hunter if they need to change their plans, Coulson tells him that he hopes the plan better works.

Coulson and Hunter enter the bank in disguise. Coulson finds a man in the back room and knocks him out with the back of his rifle. 

Ward taunts a tied-up Jemma, and tells her he would never hurt her, but that the same doesn't go for Mr. Giyera. Ward leaves and Giyera begins showing off his talents, levitating several metal tools.

Ward goes into a room where Fitz is tied to a chair. Ward begins taunting Fitz over Simmons. They can hear Simmons screaming from the other room. Ward simply sits down and listens.

The man Coulson abducted is Ward’s younger brother, Thomas, and it seems Coulson plans to use Thomas as bait.

Ward continues to taunt Fitz over Simmons, but gets interrupted by a phonecall from Coulson, coming from Rosalind's phone. Coulson shows Ward they have his brother, Coulson has Hunter put a gun to Thomas' head after Ward doubts he would hurt him. Ward starts threatening Coulson, but Coulson hangs up on him. Coulson then explains to Thomas that he had to be used as bait to lure his brother out. Thomas tells them, if they want to do that, they need to take Ward out when he does come.

Thomas says Ward has always hurt people, and that everything Ward said about their childhood is true. Ward tried to protect Thomas, until he changed one day and pushed Thomas in a well. After that, Ward was psychotically apologetic and swore to never let anyone hurt Thomas, but couldn’t admit what had happened. Thomas tells them that if they want to trace Wards call, he needs to be on the phone. Hunter is skeptical Ward would call back, but gets interrupted mid-sentence by the phone. Coulson puts Thomas on the line to try to keep Ward on the phone long enough to pinpoint his location. They get a lock and Coulson takes the phone from Thomas. Ward realizes they traced the call, and Coulson says he’s coming for them. Ward is furious and smashes his phone on the floor, then barges into Simmons’ room and demands she tell him what he wants to know. Fitz can hear Simmons scream.

Coulson's team drops Thomas off and promises that he will be kept safe by a security detail.

Mack wants May’s opinion on Andrew’s evaluation of Lincoln, but May doubts if it's Lash' opinion or Andrew's. Mack explains what is going on with Coulson and FitzSimmons. May tells Mack he needs to make the call, she thinks she already knows what he needs to do.

Giyera brings Simmons in to see to opening of the other portal. Simmons refuses to help, but Malick tells him that Fitz is going to help the on the condition that Simmons doesn't get tortured any further.

Mack is mounting a rescue mission. Joey and Lincoln are part of the team, along with Daisy, May, and a small team of soldiers. Mack notifies them about the situation. Daisy fistbumps with Mack, while May compliments him on his speech to Joey and Lincoln. 

Coulson’s team is 10 minutes out from Hydra airspace. Bobbi warns Coulson that he may be too emotional for this mission. Coulson says he’s been keeping his emotions in check for too long.

Malick notifies Ward that it's time. Ward says he needs to prepare for when S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives. Malick says S.H.I.E.L.D. won’t get anywhere near them, and Malick wants Ward to lead their troops on the other side. Ward doesn’t plan to miss his opportunity for revenge, and Malick is disappointed. Ward tells him he doesn't let himself get manipulated into sacrificing himself for Malick's dream. Malick tells Ward he doesn't want him to follow, but to lead, telling him it'll prove his faith in Hydra isn't misplaced. 

Simmons attemps to talk Fitz out of the deal, but he doesn't budge. He tells her he doesn't want her to get killed, stating he isn't strong enough to live in a world without her. Simmons tells him to come back to her, without the Inhuman. Fitz tells her he will be coming back with Will

Ward shows up in uniform, ready to lead the expedition. The machine begins to open the portal. Coulson’s team begins scanning the castle as they fly overhead, and watch as Hydra’s soldiers begin jumping through. 

Malick tells Ward the portal will open again in twelve hours.

Coulson sees Ward jump through on a scanner and grabs a parachute and prepares to jump in. Hunter tries to talk him out of it, but Coulson tells him he's ending this. Hunter kisses Bobbi goodbye and prepares to follow Coulson. Hydra begins firing at the ship before Hunter can suit up, but Coulson dives straight down into the portal.

Back at the portal, Malicks tells an operative to shut the portal down, merely a second after saying that, Coulson goes through the portal at such a high speed that Malick can only hear a sound of someone going through. 

On the planet that Fitz called Maveth earlier in the episode, Hydra starts exploring, they also hear a sound, but see nothing. Coulson tumbles down from the side of a cliff and hits his head on a stone as he lands. The episode ends with Coulson's fate unknown.

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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 3x09 Promo "Closure" (HD)

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 3x09 Promo "Closure" (HD)

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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 3x09 Sneak Peek "Closure" (HD)

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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 3x09 Sneak Peek -2 "Closure" (HD)

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