Deke Shaw is an inveterate survivor amid the devastated rubble of Earth, a hard-nosed wheeler-dealer making the best of appalling circumstances. He was hired by Virgil to provide Metrics for some unspecified parties, who turn out to be the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sent through the Monolith to this dystopia.

Early Life Edit

Deke was born on the Lighthouse and was one of the last humans to be born naturally before the Kree started sterilizing the population.

Deke's mother and the other elders told stories about S.H.I.E.L.D. and a prophecy that one day heroes from the past would free humanity.

When Deke was nine, the Kree killed his mother and the other elders who knew about the prophecy. Afterwards, Deke's father returned to the Quinn jet located on the rubbles earth. There he attempted to carry out the mission to help transport S.H.I.E.L.D. into the future, but was killed by his best friend before completing.

Season 5 Edit

Orientation Edit

Virgil hires Deke to help him hide some people, referring to Coulson and the others.

After Deke rescues Coulson, Daisy, and Simmons from some Kree guards and reunites them with May, they tell him that Virgil was killed by the Roaches at which point Deke tries to leave, seeing as he won't be getting paid, but May stops him by pinning him to the wall with his own gravity belt.

After interrogating Deke, that's when Coulson realizes they're in the future.

Tess then arrives looking for Virgil and Deke tells her Virgil's dead. Deke then tells Tess that the prophecy Virgil believed was true and Coulson and the others are all time travelers. When Tess asks where the others are Deke explains how Daisy went to go rescue Mack and Yo-yo who have been captured by the Kree. Deke then leaves to help Daisy after Tess promises to pay Deke double what Virgil owed him.

When Deke finds Daisy, Mack, and Yo-yo he's shocked to find they killed two Kree guards. To cover up the guards deaths, Deke and Mack feed the bodies to the Roaches to make it look like that's what killed them.

While following Deke, Daisy learns that Deke is running his own version of the Framework where people pay him to visit a virtual Earth he created. Furthermore, after Deke realizes Daisy is Quake, he accuses her of being the one who destroyed the Earth.

The Real DealEdit

After Jemma and Fitz's wedding, it is revealed that Deke is related to both of them as their grandson.

The End Edit

In the season five finale, Deke chose to go around the world before the Earth quakes open and explores everything he had not the chance to explore in the future which is everything.  But when Leopold Fitz tries and succeed to save Polly and Mack from their predicted death, he is impaled on a piece of metal which fell on him when Daisy and Talbot power's unleashed a big wave that caused quakes and Fitz ultimately dies. Since Fitz was his grandfather and he died, Deke should have been be erased from existence but there's another Fitz, the past Fitz [ "Rewind" ] who is still under cryo-sleep in space, waiting to be wake up. Additionally, the monolith piece that brought Deke back in time was destroyed.  Deke's status remains unkown.