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"I wouldn't do that! I wouldn't use my gifts to commit a sin! They're a gift from God."
―Elena Rodriguez

Elena "Yo-Yo" Rodriguez is a Colombian citizen who underwent Terrigenesis during the Inhuman Outbreak and a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative. Believing her power to be a gift from God, Rodriguez used her new gift to fight corruptive elements within the Colombian political system, including the National Police of Colombia. This briefly put her into a conflict with S.H.I.E.L.D., but as they saw that Rodriguez was using her powers for good, they recruited her into the Secret Warriors. Seeking to use her gifts to protect the world, Rodriguez assisted in the battle against Hive and his army of brainwashed Inhumans, during which she was nearly killed while saving Alphonso Mackenzie from the Primitives.

Agreeing to sign the Sokovia Accords, Rodriguez immediately went behind Director Jeffrey Mace's back in order to seek out Victor Ramon who had killed her cousin. Rodriguez found Ramon and stopped his weapons sale to the Watchdogs with the aid of Quake, whom she then agreed to assist in her own vigilante missions. Returning to S.H.I.E.L.D., Rodriguez assisted in the defeat of Eli Morrow with her teammates and started a relationship with Mackenzie. Later, she joined the fight against Aida, her LMDs, as well as Anton Ivanov and his Watchdogs and entered the Framework to convince Mack, who stayed there, to leave before it was deleted, eventually succeeding.

Soon after, Rodriguez and the rest of the team were sent to the year 2091 where Earth had been destroyed and the human survivors lived in the Lighthouse under a Kree rule. She and Mackenzie decided to stay in the station with the Inhuman Flint to help the people to stand against the Kree, while the rest of the team left to find a way back to the present. Before she returned to Earth, Rodriguez encountered a future version of herself who warned her about the events which would cause the apocalypse.

While attempting to avert the destruction of Earth in the present, only to walk into a trap set by General Hale, Rodriguez lost both of her arms trying to save Mackenzie but later won cybernetic arms to replace her missing limbs. Rodriguez ultimately warned her colleagues about what her future self had told her: that trying to save Phil Coulson could result in the Destruction of Earth. This put her at odds with some of her teammates, notably Daisy Johnson, who refused to let Coulson die. However, Rodriguez's warning was eventually heeded by Coulson himself, leading to a S.H.I.E.L.D. victory over the now rogue Glenn Talbot. Rodriguez then remained with her S.H.I.E.L.D. teammates for new missions under Mackenzie's directorship.

Biography Edit

Early History Edit

Elena is from Potosí, Colombia. When the team met her she had a clerical job at a museum and was an art student in Bogotá, Colombia. When Elena went through terrigenesis, she believed her power was a gift from God and she was meant to use it for good.

Season ThreeEdit

Bouncing Back Edit

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Elena used her super speed to steal a shipment of guns from a police transport. Mack, Daisy, and the others were sent to investigate and Elena kidnapped Mack thinking he was a cop when she saw him at the crime scene. While rescuing Mack, Daisy also captured Elena and brought her back to the quinjet to interview her. Since Elena only spoke Spanish, Joey explained to Elena how she's an Inhuman and how S.H.I.E.L.D. only wants to help her. Elena explained that she stole that shipment of guns because the local police are corrupt and she planned on destroying the guns she stole to save lives.

Later, the corrupt police killed Elena's cousin, Francisco, to send a message to her and they abducted Hunter and Bobbi. Elena helped Daisy and the others rescue Hunter and Bobbi from the police, but during the fight she became paralyzed when she accidentally looked into the eyes of an Inhuman police officer.

Afterwards, Daisy offered Elena a place on their team, but Elena declined, citing that Colombia was her home. Mack gave Elena a watch to communicate with them and told her to call them if she needs help or they need her help.

The Team Edit

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Daisy contacts Elena explaining how Coulson and the others have been taken prisoner by Hydra and she's assembling the Secret Warriors (herself, Elena, Lincoln, and Joey) to rescue them. After boarding the jet, Daisy explains how the Hydra base is underground and their plan is to first parachute in and then get close to the base using the service wells. From there, Daisy will use her vibration powers to bust into the base.

After getting inside, the Warriors split up and Joey and Elena board an elevator. When they step off, they find a squad of Hydra agents ready to shoot them. Joey melts their bullets and Elena uses her super speed to tie them up.

The Warriors successfully rescue Coulson and the others and capture Malick, also. However, back at the base Malick warns Coulson Hive has the power to brainwash Inhumans and anyone of the Secret Warriors could already be working for him. Coulson then orders the base on lock-down and orders May and Mack to put Daisy and the others in quarantine until they can tell if any of them have been brainwashed.

Later, Coulson learns someone killed Malick and believes Lincoln is the killer after they find the Kree Orb inside his backpack. However, it's revealed Daisy is the real mole and she framed Lincoln and killed Malick. Before Daisy leaves the base, she steals the orb and used her powers to bust the hydraulics on the hangar doors so they couldn't follow her with the jet. Elena informs Mack she will no longer answer to 'Yo-yo' as she is led away by other agents.

Emancipation Edit

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After the events of Captain America: Civil War, the United Nations puts the Sokovia Accords into law which require all Inhumans to be registered by the government.

Elena makes a brief visit to the base while Coulson's giving a tour to Gen. Talbot. Coulson has Elena demonstrate her super speed for Talbot.

At the end of the episode, Elena tries to raise Mack's spirits by giving him her necklace and asking him to keep the faith.

Absolution Edit

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Elena joins Mack, Lincoln, and May on a mission to capture Hive and stop him from detonating a warhead which would spread Radcliffe's pathogen across the world. Elena and Lincoln both agree to wear special vests filled with miniature explosives and if either them get brainwashed by Hive Mack will detonate the vest and kill them.

May and Lincoln put in the kill code to stop the missile launch while Elena and Mack work together to assemble the Hydra memory machine as a trap for Hive. As soon as Hive is in position, Lincoln activates the machine which causes Hive to be overwhelmed by the memories of all his past hosts. While Hive is distracted, Elena rescues Hive's hostages.

Ascension Edit

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James and Giyera detonate a pathogen bomb inside the base which transforms dozens of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into Primitive Inhumans. Mack goes to secure the armory, but the Primitives get to it first and one tries to shoot him. Elena uses her super speed to redirect the bullets, but misses one which penetrates her abdomen.

Mack carries Elena to his workshop and barricades the door. Lincoln takes care of Elena, but says unless the seal the wound then she'll bleed to death and they don't have any medical supplies. Radcliffe then suggests they cauterize the wound shut with a blowtorch and Elena says she wants Mack to do it.

Later, when Simmons asks what happened Elena says "Mack lit me on fire."

Season FourEdit

The GhostEdit

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Mack and Coulson fly Zephyr One to Los Angeles to check-up on Elena; however, checking-up on Elena may be the official reason they're in LA, but really they're continuing their hunt for Daisy, against Director Mace's orders.

After meeting with Coulson and Mack, Elena secretly meets Daisy aboard a city bus and gives her some special S.H.I.E.L.D. issued medicine that generates rapid bone healing, as Daisy's bones have been damaged from the overuse of her powers. Also, Elena warns Daisy that Coulson and Mack are in LA looking for her.

Uprising Edit

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Elena is at bachelorette party in Miami for one of her friends when suddenly an EMP created by a terrorist group called the Inhuman Resistance causes a city-wide blackout and disables all electronic devices. Next, a group of Watchdogs storm the building, saying they know someone at the party is an inhuman, and they've come to kill this person.

The criminals believe the party's magician is the inhuman and are about to shoot him when Elena uses her super speed to invisibly steal the gun. However, another hostage sees Elena with the gun and reveals her to be the inhuman. Mack and Coulson then arrive and take down the gunmen. Afterwards, Elena's friends tells her they are no longer friends now that she's inhuman.

Back at the base, Mack confronts Yo-yo about the medicine she's been stealing for Daisy. Elena tells Mack they should leave Daisy alone and stop looking for her.

The Laws of Inferno Dynamics Edit

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After S.H.I.E.L.D. learns Elias has made a warehouse in Los Angeles his base, Elena joins Robbie and Daisy on a mission to infiltrate the base. Elena uses her super speed to scout ahead, but accidentally triggers a booby trap set by Elias which causes the entire hallway to be engulfed in flames. Elena escapes, however, with only minor burns.

Wake Up Edit

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Elena & Coulson

While Senator Nadeer attends a press conference, Coulson and Elena infiltrate her office to plant surveillance devices. However, a squad of police officers catch them in the act and arrest both of them. It's later revealed Radcliffe is the one who tipped off Nadeer as he is now working with the Watchdogs.

After the mission, Elena confronts Mack about the secret he's been keeping from her. Mack confesses how he couldn't go on the mission because eleven years ago today Mack's deceased daughter Hope was born and he was mourning with his ex-wife. Elena apologizes to Mack for accusing him of cheating and they hug each other lovingly.

Self Control Edit

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Director Mace orders that all S.H.I.E.L.D. inhuman agents, including Elena, return to the base. However, Daisy stops Elena and informs her that the Mace who sent that message is actually an LMD android created by AIDA programmed to kill all inhumans.

After Daisy and Simmons destroy all the LMD's, Daisy explains to Elena how Mack, May, Mace, Coulson, and Fitz have all been imprisoned in a virtual reality called the Framework by Radcliffe. Daisy and Simmons download their own minds into the Framework in order to rescue the others.

The Return Edit

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Simmons and Daisy return to the real world and successfully freed Fitz, Coulson, and May from the Framework. However, Daisy tells Elena that Mace is dead and Mack refused to return to the real world as in the Framework universe Mack's daughter, Hope, never died.

Despite Daisy's warnings, Elena downloads herself into the Framework with the goal of rescuing Mack.

World's End Edit

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Once inside the Framework universe, Elena finds herself imprisoned inside the Hydra version of the Triskeleon, but is rescued by Radcliffe who then leads her to Mack. Radcliffe, also, reminds Elena how AIDA altered Mack's memories and, as far as Mack knows, he's never met her.

After Elena fails to get Mack to remember her, Radcliffe advises her to save herself and return to the real world before she's deleted along with the rest of the Framework. Elena then says she'll force Mack back to reality, but Radcliffe reminds Elena that if she does that then Mack will hate her and himself forever.

After Hope is deleted, Elena tells Mack how much she loves him and he returns to the real world with her. Afterwards, Mack tells Elena that the time he spent with Hope in the Framework showed the kind of life he could have with her in the real world and kisses her.


"Ramon, at the warehouse, I just want you to know... I didn't kill him. I'm not capable of..."
"I know.
―Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Daisy Johnson
Rodriguez is a very noble woman, seeing her powers only as chance to do good instead of using them for personal gain. She is very religious, giving people symbols of faith to lift their spirits. However, she can be very sarcastic and hurtful as shown when she commented on the size of a S.H.I.E.L.D. plane and when she repeatedly called Alphonso Mackenzie too slow while working. But despite this harsh sense of humor, she is incredibly loyal to her friends, berating Lincoln Campbell for hurting Mackenzie and almost sacrificing her life to protect Mackenzie from the Primitives, all while maintaining a jokey attitude.

However Rodriguez's loyalty can work against her allies, as she classes any lies as a personal betrayal, as shown when Phil Coulson attempted to arrest her and the other Inhumans in fear of them being controlled by Hive. As a result, Rodriguez led the Inhumans in a small revolt against S.H.I.E.L.D. before briefly choosing to leave the agency with Joey Gutierrez, although she eventually changed her mind and returned.

Powers and Abilities Edit


From TerrigenesisEdit

"So you snap back to the same spot like a yo-yo."
Alphonso Mackenzie to Elena Rodriguez
Elena Rodriguez is an Inhuman who achieved her genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis and gained superhuman powers.
  • Superhuman Speed: Rodriguez gained the power to run and move at least 180 meters per second, being unable to be clearly noticed by the human eye and appearing as a blur. Her super speed lasts exactly the same amount of time as one of her heartbeats; after which she retrogrades back to her original position through any route possible, which happens regardless of her state, as she snapped back even after being affected by Lucio's paralyzing gaze. She used this speed to disarm and kidnap Alphonso Mackenzie and also to disarm several corrupt Colombian police, subdue HYDRA soldiers and to snag General Talbot's medals in a split second. Rodriguez cannot be seen on security cameras and she just seems to move forward slightly which is followed by what seems to be a glitch. Rodriguez can run faster than a bolt fired from the Peruvian 0-8-4. Rodriguez used her powers to place bombs on the roaches, and deliver blows to Daisy Johnson. She also used her speed to kill Ruby Hale after she absorbed 8% of the Gravitonium . However, she is not fast enough to catch bullets, as her attempt to do so caused her to be shot by Primitives. She is also not fast enough to outrun a cesium explosion, though she was able to avoid being engulfed completely. Rodriguez' powers could not compete against Talbot's evidenced when she tried to grab his son and as back in her original position quickly.The nature of her powers requiring her to retrograde to her original position has the potential to become disadvantageous, should something interfere with the pathway of her retrogradation there is the potential she will collide into it. Although, Rodriguez is largely able to mitigate this potential weakness as she is able to take various alternate pathways back to her original position.
    • Increased Metabolism: Related to her speed, Rodriguez has an increased metabolism which causes her to bleed faster than an average human. When Rodriguez was shot, she bled at an alarming rate; Mackenzie cauterized her wound to stop the excessive flow.
    • Accelerated Perception: When Rodriguez runs, she is able to see her surroundings move in a slowed down state due to her superhuman speed.
    • Extreme Force Generation: Rodriguez had enhanced momentum, which allowed her to enhance the force in her attacks, strikes, impacts and collisions, often propelling objects or people several feet, that's she used to compensate for her average human strength.

From Bionic EnhancementsEdit

"So we go to these places and knock down doors? I can knock down doors now."
―Yo-Yo Rodriguez
  • Cybernetic Enhancements: After losing both her arms to Ruby Hale's Ring Blades, Rodriguez obtained cybernetic arms which granted her additional powers to complement her natural Inhuman powers. However, the arms themselves were initially incompatible with her Inhuman powers; they overloaded her nervous system because they were not designed for extreme speeds. Leo Fitz recalibrated them shortly before the Siege of the Lighthouse, allowing her to use her Inhuman powers.
    • Enhanced Strength: Thanks to Elena's cybernetic arms, she now possesses a certain degree of enhanced strength. She was strong enough to accidentally crush a metal drinking bottle, punch a heavy boxing bag several feets back, and was able to overpower Anton Ivanov 's android body. She also used her strength to break a lock, lifted up a large shelf, and was able to carry a woman to safety during the Battle of Chicago.


  • Multilingualism: Rodriguez speaks her native Spanish and English which she greatly improved upon being recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. albeit still with a heavy Spanish accent.
  • Expert Combatant: Since being recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. for the Secret Warriors initiative, Rodriguez was trained to combat. Her fighting skills enabled her to fight and destroy Anton Ivanov while he was using an enhanced android body, without the use of her powers. She was also able to hold her own against fellow agent Daisy Johnson.