Gideon Malick was an industrialist who served as a senior council member on the World Security Council. He advised the president and helped build the ATCU and oversaw its science division. However, he was also secretly one of the heads of Hydra. Gideon had a daughter named Stephanie, who also appeared to hold high rank in Hydra. Alas, his daughter was killed by Hive, leading Malick to betray Hydra. Malick was killed by Daisy Johnson, who had been infected by and become one of Hive's Thralls.

Biography Edit

Malick's father taught him and his brother Nathaniel to keep the Hydra faith and every couple of years they had to perform the stone ceremony; during the ceremony, participants randomly pick a rock from a bag and whoever draws the white rock is sent through the Monolith to Maveth to be sacrificed to the Hydra god.

In 1970, shortly after Malick's father's funeral, Malick and his brother are called to a meeting with Dr. Whitehall who at this time was still in prison. Whitehall tells them that their families ancient traditions are nonsense and they should put their faith in science. Before they leave, Whitehall tells them to check a book in their father's library, Paradise Lost.

Later that evening, Nathaniel checks the book and finds a white stone with a notch in it. He then realizes that his father lied to them; his father would swap this stone in the bag during the stone ceremony and feel for the notch in it to make sure he was never the one chosen as the sacrifice. Feeling betrayed, Nathaniel and Malick vowed to be better men then their father and let fate decide who the sacrifice would be. However, Malick lied to his brother and secretly kept the stone his father used for himself to assure he was never chosen as the sacrifice. At the next stone ceremony, Nathaniel drew the white stone and was sacrificed to the Hydra god.

In 2001, he recruited Rosalind Price to run the ATCU while his company was consulting with NASA about using the Monolith as a means of space exploration.

Among Us Hide... Edit

Strucker visits Malick and begs him for help after telling him how Ward wants to kill him for failing his mission. Malick agrees to help Strucker saying Ward shouldn't have sent him on that mission and he'll handle Ward for him. However, after Strucker leaves, Malick calls Ward and gives him Strucker's location.

Chaos Theory Edit

At the end of the episode, Malick and Ward are having dinner together. The two are discussing Hydra's history when Malick receives a call from Rosalind. Rosalind apologizes for missing their latest meeting. Malick wanted Price to bring Coulson to him.

Many Heads, One Tale Edit

The episode opens with Ward and Malick eating dinner together when Ward says the reason why Malick gave him Strucker was because Strucker was the last heir to the von Strucker family vault and with him gone Malick controls the vault now. Malick then says he has some long standing plans that are about to come to fruition and he doesn’t want Ward to interfere. As Malick leaves the room, he tells his men to kill Ward and a fight ensues.

Malick later meets Ward inside the vault and tells him that the two of them can rule Hydra together. Malick then proceeds to tell Ward the ancient origins of Hydra and shows Ward a piece of the Monolith. Malick then tells Ward how he's building an army of inhumans for Hive to command when he returns to Earth. Furthermore, Malick promised to help Ward destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. if he helps him discover how S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to bring Simmons back from Maveth.

Closure Edit

It's revealed that Malick has already moved all the inhumans the ATCU was keeping at Endotex Labs to an unknown location. Furthermore, Malick gives Ward permission to kill Rosalind, but becomes mad when he hears Ward also sent a hit squad to kill Coulson as Malick wanted Coulson alive. Ward claimed he was just putting Coulson through his paces.

Malick later sends Giyera to capture Fitz and Simmons and bring them to him. Malick explains to them how Hydra already knows how to open the portal, but no one they have ever sent to Maveth has ever returned therefore he wants to know how Simmons did it. When Simmons refuses to tell him, Malick has Giyera torture Simmons into talking. However, Fitz agrees to go with them to Maveth and bring Hive back to Earth if they stop hurting Simmons.

Malick convinces Ward to lead the mission to Maveth, telling him how when he sees Hive with his own eyes he’ll understand that he wasn’t wrong when he put his faith in Hydra. Before Ward goes through the portal, however, Malick tells Ward they'll reopen the portal again in 12 hours and he needs to be at the coordinates by then. Also, they'll only be able to keep the portal open for 61 seconds.

Maveth Edit

Malick has all the inhumans the ATCU had taken to the castle in England so Hive's new army will be waiting for him when he comes back to Earth. However, Malick later becomes infuriated when he learns that Lash has escaped and killed all the inhumans they had. Furthermore, after he learns S.H.I.E.L.D. has taken control of the Monolith chamber, he orders his soldiers to retake the chamber immediately and before the portal reopens.

At the end of the episode, while being driven to the airport, Malick's car is stopped by Ward who is now possessed by Hive.

Bouncing Back Edit

At the beginning of the episode, the President informs Coulson, in response to Rosalind's murder, he has officially removed Malick as head of the ATCU. Also, the President agrees that Malick must be stopped, but he's in no position to do so as Malick has too much political power and Coulson has no hard evidence connecting Malick to Hydra.

Later, Malick receives a call on his personal cell phone from Coulson who got the number from Strucker. Coulson threatened Malick that they were tracing the phone call and were close to taking him down, but Malick only taunted Coulson. In response to Coulson's phone call, Malick was forced to close 10 of his public company's offices as the call had been routed through them.

The Inside Man Edit

During the international symposium regarding inhumans, Gen. Talbot arrests Coulson and Malick then walks in the room announcing Coulson is the director of Hydra. Malick further explains how Coulson truly wants to exterminate the inhumans and how he developed the gel matrix technology the ATCU was using to contain inhumans. Malick's agents then drag Coulson out of the room and Malick assures the group he'll turn Coulson over to the proper authorities.

Talbot then reveals that Malick is holding his son hostage and said he would kill him unless Talbot turned over Coulson. Malick then betrays Talbot and, as he leaves the room, orders his agents to kill Coulson and Talbot. However, Carl Creel rescues them and retrieves Talbot's son unharmed.

Parting Shot Edit

Hunter and Bobbi follow Malick to Siberia where he has a meeting with Petrov, a Russian cabinet minister, at a decommissioned power plant. Petrov informs Malick that he agrees with his idea of creating a "sanctuary" for inhumans in Russia and has already begun construction for the sanctuary. However, the prime minister of Russia doesn't have the same opinion of Inhumans and actually sent his personal attaché to shut down their project. However, Gen. Androvich, the Russian minister of defense and an inhuman, killed the attaché shortly after he arrived.

Malick then goes on to say how the inhumans will need a leader, but the current prime minister of Russia is not meant to be that leader and Petrov is. Malick then suggests using Androvich to assassinate the prime minister and appointing Petrov the new prime minister of Russia. Shortly before the prime minister arrives, Malick leaves for the airport with his security guards.

At the end of the episode, Malick is seen skeet shooting with his daughter as they talk about how Coulson interfered with his plans in Russia and how the Inhuman is still regaining his strength.

Spacetime Edit

Malick has dinner with Hive and Hive asks Malick why he rescued him from Maveth. Malick then explains how his family has be a part of Hydra for generations and they were always taught that if they could rescue Hive then they would be rewarded with the power to rule the world. Hive then rebuffs Malick by saying how he doesn't want to rule the world, he wants to experience true power like the kind he and the inhumans have.

Malick takes Hive with him to a meeting with the board of directors for the Transia Corporation, the company that designed the nerve-wire interface technology used for Coulon's prosthetic hand. Malick tells the directors he wants to buy all their company's shares, but they only laugh in his face. Malick then has his men bring in Charles Hinton and as soon as Charles touches one the directors the director has a vision of what Hive will do to them. Scared for his life, the director immediately signs over control of the company over to Malick. Hive then uses his power to kill the board.

Hive then orders Malick to put on a prototype exoskeleton suit the company created so Malick would know what true power feels like. While wearing the suit, Malick realized he had super-human strength, but Hive tells Malick he still doesn't know what true power is and orders Malick to kill one of his men. Malick crushes the man's head with his bare hands and looks him in eye while he dies.

Malick is then alerted that S.H.I.E.L.D. has stormed the building and makes a run for his helicopter on the roof. While still wearing the exo-suit, Malick starts fighting with Daisy on the roof and almost kills her, but is distracted when Charles touches him and gives him a vision of the future. Malick then kills Charles and Daisy creates a shockwave that disables Malick's exo-suit. Malick escapes aboard his helicopter, but is traumatized by the vision Charles gave him.

Paradise Lost Edit

Malick returns to his home to find Hive waiting for him and discovers Hive has called a meeting with Hydra's other leaders. Wanting to know why her father looked so stressed, Malick told Stephanie how in the vision Charles gave him he saw his own death and he thinks Hive is the one who kills him. At the meeting, Hive officially announces his return and demonstrates his power by revealing his true form to the group.

Later, Hive confronts Malick in his library and reveals he maintains the memories of all his past hosts including the memories of Malick's brother Nathaniel which means Hive knows Malick has been fixing the stone ceremony to assure he'd never be chosen as the sacrifice. Hive then kills Malick's daughter, Stephanie, in front of him in order to teach him what sacrifice is. Hive then assures Malick, "the scales are balanced now", and he has nothing left to fear from him.

The Team Edit

The Secret Warriors consisting of Daisy, Lincoln, Joey and Yo-Yo invade Malick's base to rescue Coulson and the others and they capture Malick.

Coulson questions Malick about Hive. Malick then explains how he thought he could control Hive, but he was wrong and Hive killed his daughter, Stephanie. Malick also warns Coulson that Hive has the power to brainwash inhumans and one of the Secret Warriors may already be working for him.

Later, Daisy comes into the interrogation room. Malick realizes Hive sent her to kill him and is happy that he'll be reunited with his daughter in the afterlife. Daisy then uses her vibration powers to kill Malick and leaves a grenade behind to destroy his body and the evidence of the murder.

Trivia Edit

  • When Ward talked to Malick, he said, "You're the one all the others were afraid of before me."
  • Powers Boothe appeared in The Avengers as a member of the World Security Council. Gideon Malick confirms his role as a member of the security council in the episode "The Inside Man".
  • Powers Boothe, the actor portraying Gideon Malick, died on the morning of May 14, 2017 of a cardiopulmonary arrest, less than a month from his 69th birthday. He was suffering from pancreatic cancer at the time of his death.

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