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"You lie to yourself. You want to know why? It's simple. You can't reconcile all the ugly horrible things you do, with the hero you so desperately want to become.""
Christian Ward to Grant Ward.[src]

Grant Ward was a S.H.I.E.L.D. specialist, who was secretly a HYDRA agent. He also acted as Agent Phil Coulson's frequent aide and deputy and was the supervising officer of agent-in-training Skye before Agent May took over the role.


Early LifeEdit

Grant Douglas Ward, had a miserable and abusive home life. His mother was abusive and his father didn't stop her. Ward had two brothers, the elder of whom forced him to torment his younger brother. This landed him in a juvenile hall with his parents pressing charges. Agent Garrett rescued Ward from the juvenile hall and took him into the wilderness, leaving him there with nothing but a bag of clothes and a dog, Buddy.

Ward raided houses and lived a somewhat stress-free life during Garrett's six-month absence. Upon Garrett's return, Ward was trained for four-and-a-half years in marksmanship. Garrett informed Ward that he worked for HYDRA and invited Ward to join. Ward accepted, and Garrett instructed him to kill Buddy to prove devotion and a lack of attachment. Ward fired into the air, knowing that Buddy would run away as he had done many times before. The dog is later seen to be shot with a sniper rifle. It is left unclear who shot the dog. It is later revealed (by him) that Grant did shoot Buddy.

Life on board "The Bus" Edit

Ward was informed about Agent Coulson's survival just before being made a member of his emerging team. As a specialist, Ward felt that he did not (and implicitly should not) 'play well with others' and attempted to avoid the assignment. It was later revealed that Director Fury and Agent May were behind the team's composition.

Episode 17 - "Turn, Turn, Turn"Edit

Turn Turn Turn 227

In "Turn, Turn, Turn", Ward proves to be a valuable soldier in combat, defending his team and successfully taking down a collection of guards to allow Skye passage.

Agent Garrett is later revealed to be The Clairvoyant and working with HYDRA. As Ward accompanies Victoria Hand to take Garrett to The Fridge, she asks him if he would like to shoot the real Clairvoyant (as he previously killed an innocent man who was believed to be the Clairvoyant). Ward takes the gun from her but instead shoots Hand and two other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, revealing his true identity as an agent of HYDRA.

Episode 22 - "Beginning of the End"Edit

In "Beginning of the End", Ward is starting to see that Garrett has gone delusional from GH.325 and becomes doubtful about Garrett's commands; however, he continues to follow orders and is sent after Skye at the Cybertek Command Center.

When he arrives, he sees that Skye has hooked a bomb up to the head of the team that controls the super soldiers and tells her she does not have the guts to pull the trigger. Skye replies that Ward pissed off someone even worse than her, and he is attacked by Agent Melinda May. They go into a pitched fight, and May shoots a nail gun into his foot, immobilizing him, then fractures his larynx, rendering him unable to speak. He is then taken into custody by the U.S. Military.

By the beginning of Season 2 ( "Shadows" ), Ward is confined in Vault D beneath the Playground and seemingly has been for some time. He is viewed by Coulson as a viable, but an untrustworthy source of intel, and is visited by Skye only on a direct, though implicit, command from the new Director.

He shows her scars and implies he tried to take his own life more than once, presumably out of remorse for his previous actions. He gives his word, whatever its value, that he will tell her nothing but the truth, and provides key intel on how HYDRA agents are communicating. He also claims, when Skye isn't listening, that he somehow knows about her father.


Ward as It's host

Ward dies in "Maveth (Episode)". He, Fitz and several HYDRA soldiers are sent through the portal to Maveth (planet) by Gideon Malick in hopes of bringing It to Earth. Coulson secretly followed them through.

It, copying stranded astronaut Will Daniels, kills the HYDRA soldiers accompanying Ward.

Coulson finds Ward and demands that he lead him to Fitz. They witness Fitz and hive fighting. When Coulson tries helping Fitz, Ward and Coulson begin to fight. After seeing an image of Rosalind Price in his head, Coulson used his robotic hand on Ward to crush his heart, immediately killing him and avenging the deaths of the many people that have died at Ward's hands. Coulson and Fitz manage to make it through the portal just before it closes.

Later, Hive can be seen crawling from Will's charred skull towards Ward's body. After apparently making it through the portal, Hive, possessing Ward's body, met up with Malick


Agent Ward is a gruff, good-looking, anti-social man. He has a lot of experience in the field and takes his job extremely seriously. He is a man of few words but always cool under fire and ready for action. When working with S.H.I.E.L.D., Ward appeared to be fiercely loyal, obedient, and by-the-book. Around his teammates, he appeared to be open and cooperative with them but not very social or attached.

Later in the season, it becomes clear that Ward does not do well with emotion. He possesses a very broken moral foundation, which is a problem that began from his turbulent youth. While others do much better with loyalty, friendship, and emotion, these traits clash terribly within Ward. There is evidence that he actually does care for his S.H.I.E.L.D. teammates, but this is not enough to stop him from working against them when ordered to do so...

It's been revealed though, that Ward's personality and behavior are adjustable. Due to his training and questionable morality, Ward often tailors his actions and behavior enough to manipulate others into trusting him. This allowed him to work as a HYDRA agent without nearly anyone on the team being tipped off until it was far too late.

He was fiercely loyal to John Garrett of HYDRA, the man who freed him from Juvenile Detention and taught him how to survive on his own. And trust nobody but himself. Ward appears to commit crimes not out of loyalty to HYDRA or any other ambition but simply out of obedience to Garrett. He has few reservations about murdering people with whom he has little to no acquaintance, whether they are his enemies or fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

With his conditioned ability to suppress his emotions and moral conscience, Ward was a deceptively cooperative and protective teammate, making his transition from a loyal agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. to a dangerous agent of HYDRA all the more backstabbing.

It has been hinted that he genuinely regrets his actions, however, since Ward displays a terrifying ability to believe utterly almost whatever he chooses in a given moment, it is next to impossible to say what he values deep down, or even if there is a 'deep down'. It often seems that he is trying to genuinely help those in need, or atone for his actions, but those moments pass, and the Ward in their wake appears not to regret anything.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ward is a clean-cut Caucasian male, at 6'3", with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is in excellent physical shape from years of combat training.

In season two, Grant is fully bearded, but after being released, he shaves and cuts his hair.


  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Ward is an extremely skilled fighter, having top combat scores.
  • Multilingual: Ward speaks six languages including English, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish.[1]
  • Expert Spy: Ward has some of the best espionage scores; after Natasha Romanoff.
  • Expert Marksman: Ward has extensive training with a variety of small arms, with a highly accurate shot.
  • Skilled Seducer/Manipulator: Ward is skilled in the field of seduction and manipulation. Willing to let things get intimate with Agent May, knowing she was a threat to him. Prior to agreeing to become Skye's S.O. to understand how she thinks, and later fooled the team into trusting him by saving Jemma Simmons.


  • Phillip Coulson: Former Colleague and Team Leader. Ward was the first person to join Coulson's team and the person who did so the most begrudgingly. Although respecting his decisions and authority, Ward actively disapproved of some of his decisions such as the choice to invite Skye to the team as a consultant. When Skye was shot by Ian Quinn, Coulson was suggested as one of the people Ward blamed for the situation as well as Deathlok. After the successful infiltration of H.Y.D.R.A, it was revealed that Ward was sent to the bus as a spy by Garrett to gain inside information on Coulson and that his original anti-teamwork persona was a strategy to make Coulson welcome him to the fold. Ward was sent to garner information from Coulson about his resurrection and informed Garrett of Coulson's relationship with Audrey Nathan. Coulson, along with the rest of the team, is now Ward's enemy. Ward has since shown intentions of killing Coulson and he murdered Rosalind Price in front of him to prove a point about Kara.
  • Melinda May: Former Colleague and (formerly) "friend with benefits" (In field/combat terms, his benchmark). Ward entered a non-committed sexual relationship with May in "The Well", however, this eventually ended in "Yes Men" when Lorelei informed May of his romantic feelings for Skye. It was revealed that while Ward did not initiate their sexual relationship, he allowed it to happen because she was the only person on the Bus whose physical training and ability surpassed his and, therefore, his biggest threat. Ward had no visible issue with eliminating her, having already tried to kill her twice ("Yes Men", "The Only Light in the Darkness"). May, along with the rest of the team, is now Ward's enemy.
  • Jemma Simmons: Former Friend and Colleague. When Simmons was infected with an alien virus in "FZZT", she tried to sacrifice herself to save the rest of the team, unaware that her and Fitz's attempts to make an antidote were successful, and Ward rescued her. He believed that although her actions were ill-considered in her attempt, she was very brave to do so. Both Ward and Simmons assisted each other when they could and took part in board games with one another along with Coulson and Skye. Simmons was among the select few people Ward had confessed to caring about; however, under Garrett's conditioning, Ward considers his feelings a weakness. Along with the rest of the team, Simmons is now Ward's enemy.
  • Fitz: Former Colleague (Developed into younger brother relationship). While originally at odds due to their opposing personalities and respective fields, the two were unwillingly paired together for a mission in "The Hub" and bonded over the experience, gradually developing mutual respect and a sibling-like bond. Fitz displayed visible concern when Ward was injured, and Ward advised Fitz on other matters (such as Fitz's feelings for Simmons). When Skye left the team a message saying "Ward is Hydra," Fitz refused to believe it, claiming that it was written to mislead them. When Simmons confirmed that Ward had killed Agent Koenig and was a HYDRA operative, Fitz uncharacteristically lashed out in despair, shocking the rest of the team. Fitz was among the select few people Ward had confessed to caring about; however, under Garrett's conditioning, Ward considers his feelings a weakness. Within Coulson's team, Fitz is the only one who still believes in Ward. Fitz, along with the rest of the team, is now Ward's enemy.
  • Skye: Romantic Interest (former, on her part), Former Trainee. Although originally distrusting of her because of his past experience with the Rising Tide, and again after her relationship with Miles Lydon comes to light, Ward and Skye had a fairly close and playful friendship built on their faith in on another's abilities and their Trainee/S.O connection. When Ward was confronted with his past in "The Well" Skye showed visible concern and continuously tried to help him, which he refused and instead began a sexual relationship with May. When Skye was shot by Ian Quinn and was in critical condition, Ward physically lashed out, visibly upset, blaming several people for the situation, including himself. While both were unwilling to truly confide in one another about their backgrounds, both Ward and Skye cared for one another greatly, and their connection gradually grew romantic during their time together. His strong attachment to her was previously alluded to by others, including May and Lorelei, but was eventually confirmed in "Turn, Turn, Turn". In the midst of the HYDRA infiltration, he asked Skye if they if she would get a drink with him if they made it through the events; she accepted and kissed him before he left to fight. However, when Skye discovered he was an undercover HYDRA operative in "The Only Light in the Darkness", she misled him and attempted to have him arrested, which failed when Deathlok abducted her. During Ward's attempts to explain his lies, she lashed out at him for his betrayal, punching him and hitting him. When Deathlok stopped Ward's heart and forced him into cardiac arrest, Skye displayed residual feelings towards him and demanded Deathlok bring him back, surrendering the information Garrett desired for Ward's life. Ward confirmed (almost pleadingly) that despite their now opposing allegiances he genuinely has feelings for Skye - something Skye reacted to with disgust and borderline disbelief. Skye now regards him to be a "serial killer" and a "disgusting, backstabbing traitor". During the months that he spent in Vault D, he asked for Skye but she wouldn't visit him. He refused to give intelligence to anyone but her and his feelings for her seems to be his main motivation in helping the team in hopes that he will win her trust back.
  • John Garrett: Leader and Former Supervising Officer (S.O). After Garrett was revealed to be The Clairvoyant and taken into custody, Ward successfully requested to join Victoria Hand to the Fridge so that he could oversee Garrett's imprisonment himself. Upon escorting Garrett to the Fridge, Agent Hand offered Ward the chance to "shoot the real Clairvoyant;" instead, however, he killed Agent Hand and her two guards, silently revealing his true identity as a HYDRA operative and his loyalty to Garrett. After his allegiances were revealed, Ward fully acted for HYDRA ad joined Garrett in ambushing the Fridge, forsaking the team until Garrett sent him to retrieve Skye. It was revealed that Garrett sent him to Coulson's team to gain inside information and that his persona within the team was a strategic illusion to gain their trust. In "Ragtag", it was revealed that Garrett approached Ward after he was committed for arson to mold him into someone who would never be a victim ever again, which Ward accepted and became the man he is today under Garrett's conditioning. Garrett taught Ward the importance of survival and the need to eliminate any weakness, including his dog Buddy, to do so. It was under Garrett's training and orders that Ward entered the S.H.I.E.L.D Academy (Operations) undercover. Ward felt greatly indebted to him, crediting him for "pulling him out of hell." It could be presumed that because of this, a primary reason for his betrayal of S.H.I.E.L.D was Garrett's failing health. Although they disagreed in some respects - Garrett's disapproval of Ward's weaknesses and Ward's growing hesitance in carrying out Garrett's commands - Ward remained loyal to him, believing "he owed Garrett everything".
  • Deathlok/Michael Peterson: Friend, then ally (under Garrett), now enemy. Ward and Peterson became friends when Peterson was aligned with S.H.I.E.L.D.; however, Ward later blamed him, among others, for Skye's shooting. With their common allegiance to HYDRA, the two served together under Garrett but had a strained working relationship. Following Garrett's orders, Deathlok sent Ward into an electronically induced heart attack to force Skye to surrender information. While Skye did indeed save Ward's life as Garrett expected, Ward displayed visible anger and disdain towards Deathlok's actions. Both Ward and Deathlok displayed a mutual lack of respect toward one another, illustrated when Ward blatantly ignored him and attempted to go after Coulson and Skye despite Deathlok's insistence that Garrett had ordered their immediate return.
  • Antoine Triplett: Former Colleague. Ward and Triplett knew each other, having both trained with Garrett as their Supervising Officer (S.O). After Ward became part of Coulson's team, Triplett took Ward's place as Garrett's specialist. When Garrett and Triplett boarded the Bus to take Ian Quinn into custody, the two fought after Ward's refusal and after Skye's recovery. In pursuit of The Clairvoyant, the two were paired together to find a possible match to the identity. After discovering both Garrett and Ward were HYDRA operatives, and therefore responsible for the death of his partner, Triplett joined Coulson's team. Triplett, along with the rest of the team, became Ward's enemy.
  • Agent 33/Kara: Former love interest. After accidentally killing her, Ward became obsessed with finding "Closure".
  • Sunil Bakshi: Bakshi, along with Coulson's team is Ward's enemy.


  • Grant: "Great"
  • Douglas: "Dark"
  • Ward: "Protector"



Nahui - Repeatedly punched.

John Garrett - Repeatedly punched, likely under Garrett's own request.

Alpha - Killed.

Thomas Nash - Killed under Garrett's request.

Jacobson - Killed.

Chaimson - Killed.

Victoria Hand - Killed.

Eric Koenig - Killed.

Jemma Simmons - Dropped out of plane, nearly drowned.

Leopold "Leo" Fitz - Dropped out of plane, arm broken, nearly drowned, sent into coma.

HYDRA Bartender - Killed.

Christian Ward - Killed.

Selwyn - Killed.

Campbell - Killed.

Barbara "Bobbi" Morse - Tortured.

Buddy - Killed.

Agent 33 - Accidentally killed.

Werner von Strucker - Tortured.

Rosalind Price - Killed.



Maria Hill: The battle of New York was the end of the world. This - now - is the new world. People are different. They have access to tech, to formula, secrets they're not ready for.
Grant Ward: Why was I pulled out of Paris?
Maria Hill: That, you have to ask Agent Coulson.
Grant Ward: Uh, yeah. I'm clearance Level Six. I know that... Agent Coulson was killed in action before the battle of New York. Got the full report.
Phil Coulson: [walks out of the dark] Welcome to Level Seven.
[Normal voice]
Phil Coulson: Sorry, that corner was really dark, I couldn't help myself. I think there's a bulb out.

Maria Hill: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for, Agent Ward?
Grant Ward: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division.
Maria Hill: And what does that mean to you?
Grant Ward: It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out "shield." It means we're the line between the world and the much weirder world. We protect people from news they aren't ready to hear. And when we can't do that, we keep them safe.

Skye: You seem nervous Agent Ward.
Grant Ward: I'm calling to mind my training. There's no way I'm gonna reveal classified secrets to a girl who's hell-bent on taking us down.
Skye: Have you ever killed anyone?
Grant Ward: Yes, a few. High-risk targets. But they were terrible people who were trying to murder nice people. And I didn't feel good afterwards.
Skye: And does your grandmother know about these things?
Grant Ward: [voice breaking] Gramzy?


Skye: I called with an equally pressing question for you, my S.O... What are we supposed to do if we have to pee?
Grant Ward: [unamused] You broke protocol because you needed a bathroom break.
Skye: It was a really, really long drive and everyone's nervous.
Grant Ward: [sighs] There's a container at the bottom of the blue chest.
Skye: (to Simmons) Bottom of the blue chest. (Simmons and goes digging and pulls out an empty water bottle. She gives Skye a look)
Skye: Not the water bottle.
Grant Ward: That's the one.
Skye: Did you never learn the thing where boy parts and girl parts are different, and our parts aren't penises!
Grant Ward: Coulson and I are trying to find a dangerous criminal, if there's nothing else pressing...
Skye: One more thing, Fitz wants to know if you packed any snacks.
Leo Fitz: [Into the phone] I'm feeling a bit peckish.
Skye: [There's a noise on the other end] Ah, Hello, hello? He hung *up*!

"The Hub"

Grant Ward: [Trying to come up with an escape plan] How long can you hold your breath underwater?
Leo Fitz: I don't know.
Grant Ward: Are you familiar with the term slam and cram?
Leo Fitz: No and I don't think I want to be.
Grant Ward: [Tied up] How attached are you to your pinky?
Leo Fitz: Very, very attached, and before you ask another terrifyingly vague question, let me be clear. Any plan that involves even one of those scenarios isn't going to work for me.


  • His S.H.I.E.L.D. ID badge serial number is A 0849329. The card was issued on 9 September 2013 and was to expire on 9 September 2015, although it was presumably wiped from the system when he lost S.H.I.E.L.D. status.
  • His SHIELD profile as shown in the Pilot episode lists his date of birth as 07 January 1983. This is also the same DOB as the actor who plays him, Brett Dalton.
  • During the first episode of season 1, agent Coulson tells agent Ward "given your family history", leading some fans to speculate that Agent Ward may be a descendant of Trauma.
  • Grant Ward is 6'3" (1.91m)
  • He can speak at least 6 languages, including English, French ("Pilot"), Russian ("Eye-Spy"), Italian ("T.R.A.C.K.S."), and Spanish ("Providence").
  • Grant is a highly advanced hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Ward likes games, specifically board-based, and has been seen playing Battleship, Texas Hold 'Em, and Upwords in numerous episodes with various characters during downtime between missions.
  • According to John Garrett, the "real" Grant Ward hates the New England Patriots.
  • He has displayed signs of remorse about his actions and has stated to Skye that his feelings for her are real.
  • "Heavy is the Head" is the first episode where Grant Ward isn't seen or mentioned.
  • In "The Things We Bury" it is revealed by Daniel Whitehall (with apparent cause) that Ward killed his parents and brother, then made it look like a murder-suicide.
  • In the first three seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ward has been seen getting shot a total of ten times. (Once in Season 1, four times in Season 2, and five times in Season 3)


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