Dr. Holden Radcliffe is a scientist and transhumanist that was sometimes an ally and sometimes an enemy to S.H.I.E.L.D.

In Season 3, Radcliffe is forced by the Hydra god, Hive, to create a virus that turns humans into inhumans thus giving Hive the army he needs to take over the world.

In Season 4, after Radcliffe reads the mythical Darkhold, he becomes obsessed with using the book's knowledge to make himself immortal.

Eventually, Radcliffe is killed by his greatest creation, the LMD AIDA, with his mind copied and preserved in the Framework.

However, Radcliffe was deleted along with the Framework thus making him dead in both the real and virtual world.

Biography Edit

Early History Edit

Dr. Radcliffe is originally from Scotland and is a transhumanist, a person who believes in transcending normal human limitations with science and technology.

He was the lead researcher on parasitic organisms at GT Agrochemical. His goal was to genetically engineer animals that could resist parasites. However, he was asked to step-down for conducting "irregular" experiments. He left the lab a month before Giyera led an assault on the facility and killed all the scientist there.

The Singularity Edit

Fitz and Simmons believed Radcliffe could help them find a way to rescue Daisy as Hive uses parasites to brainwash his victims. They tracked him to Bucharest at black market spot for transhumanist. Fitz and Simmons planned to go undercover as geneticist and get Radcliffe's attention by offering him a pair of cybernetic eyes similar to the ones Deathlok has.

Fitz and Simmons talk to Radcliffe's assistant who tells them Dr. Radcliffe needs assurance that their cybernetic eyes work. She then leads them to an operating room where a man is lying in a chair and she tells them to implant the eyes inside this man and then hands them a tray of surgical equipment. However, Simmons realizes this man is actually Radcliffe himself when she notices his eyes are not entirely human.

After examining the cybernetic eyes himself, Radcliffe becomes suspicious as to how they got this technology and assumes they're with Hydra, but Fitz and Simmons then confess they're with S.H.I.E.L.D. and came to ask him for help in rescuing Daisy. Radcliffe doesn't care, however, and orders his bodyguards to throw them out, but then Daisy and Hive burst through the door and abduct Radcliffe.

At the end of the episode, Radcliffe is seen walking with Hive as he explains how he wants Radcliffe to repeat the same experiment that the Kree performed on him which turned him into an inhuman on humans.

Failed Experiments Edit

Radcliffe performs his first experiment by injecting three Hydra agents with a serum containing terrigen and Hive's blood. However, the serum failed to turn them into inhumans and instead killed all three agents and caused their bodies to liquefy. Hive was angry at Radcliffe and Radcliffe explains he needs blood from a living Kree for the experiment to work.

Hives lures two Kree Reapers to Earths in the hope of using their blood for the experiment, but, with interference from S.H.I.E.L.D., both reapers die before their blood can be completely drained. Daisy, however, later reveals that she has Kree blood because she was injected with GH.325.

Emancipation Edit

Using Daisy's blood, Radcliffe creates a pathogen designed to transform any human exposed to it into an inhuman. For Radcliffes first test of the pathogen, Hive abducts a team of Watchdogs and imprisons them inside a shipping container then Radcliffe fills the container with the pathogen gas.

When they open the container, they find all the Watchdogs have undergone terrigenesis and have been transformed into Primitive Inhumans. Radcliffe is horrified by what he has done and calls the Primitives abominations, but Hive is pleased with these results and orders Radcliffe to make more of the pathogen.

Absolution Edit

Hive devises a plan to use a warhead Hydra stole from the A.T.C.U. to spread the pathogen and transform millions of humans into Primitives. Hive takes Radcliffe with him to a military missile silo where Hive's followers quickly take control of the facility and force the technicians to launch a missile carrying the pathogen. However, moments before the missile was going to launch, S.H.I.E.L.D. aborts the launch and Hive orders Radcliffe to fix the launch system or he will kill him.

Radcliffe struggles to follow Hive's orders and comments how he isn't an engineer. May then barges into the room with a gun in hand and begins fighting the Primitives. During the fight, Radcliffe shoots a Primitive with May's gun and begs her to take her with him.

May takes Radcliffe back to the base where he meets Gen. Talbot. Talbot threatens to turn Radcliffe into a Primitive himself unless he finds some way to turn the people he already turned back into humans. Coulson has Fitz and Simmons work with Radcliffe on a solution.

Ascension Edit

Giyera and James detonate a pathogen bomb inside the base which turns several dozen S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into Primitives that then release Hive from his prison. The Primitives begin searching the base and killing anyone they find. Radcliffe follows Lincoln and Coulson and, together with Mack and Elena, they hide inside Mack's workshop. After Coulson comments how it's getting hotter, Radcliffe realizes that the Primitives can only see in infrared and Simmons must've realized this too which is why she has begun to raise the temperature as to make them invisible to the Primitives.

Epilogue Edit

At the end of season three, Radcliffe enters his office and announces to his A.I., AIDA, that he's been officially cleared of all crimes he was charged with.

Furthermore, Radcliffe informs AIDA that he's starting a new project, based on an old S.H.I.E.L.D. program called Life Model Decoy (L.M.D.), and they're celebrating because today is AIDA's first birthday.

Season Four Edit

The Ghost Edit

Fitz visits Radcliffe at his home to watch a soccer game together, but is surprised when he sees AIDA walking around the house without clothes on. Radcliffe quickly covers AIDA, deactivates her, and explains that he was in the middle of installing some new hardware when he arrived.

With Fitz extremely confused, Radcliffe explains to him how AIDA was his digital assistant A.I., but Radcliffe designed AIDA's physical body based on the prosthetic hand they built for Coulson. Fitz then reminds Radcliffe that a condition of the pardon he was given for his crimes is that he isn't allowed to conduct unauthorized experiments like this. However, Fitz agrees to help Radcliffe finish AIDA after learning AIDA's designed to protect the lives of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and to never kill humans.

Uprising Edit

Simmons brings May, who is currently suffering the effects of the "ghost virus", to Radcliffe's home hoping to use his latest invention, the Framework, to discover a way to cure May before the virus kills her. Using the Framework, they create a 3D hologram model of May's brain and find the source of May's hallucinations.

Radcliffe's solution is they temporarily stop May's heart, wait for her brain to reach minimum activity, and then restart her heart; similar to restarting a computer when it's glitching. Seeing no other options, Simmons goes through with Radcliffe's plan, but moments before she's about to restart May's heart, an EMP created by the Inhuman Resistance causes a blackout.

While Simmons applies CPR, Radcliffe takes AIDA's battery, which has magnetic shielding and thus was protected from the EMP, and uses it to power a defibrillator which Simmons uses to revive May, who is now cured of the virus.

Deals with Our Devils Edit

After Elias's experiment causes Fitz, Robbie, and Coulson to disappear and gives Elias powers, Mace has Radcliffe examine the power cells Elias used to power his machine in order to gain insight into Elias's new abilities.

However, the technology inside the power cells was too advanced for Radcliffe to understand. After Mace leaves, May shows Radcliffe the Darkhold and explains how it may help him understand. However, after taking only a brief look inside the book Radcliffe immediately closes it, overwhelmed by what he saw.

AIDA then volunteers to read the Darkhold as she's an android, if her files becomes corrupted then they only need to reboot her. Radcliffe is at first against AIDA's idea, but May convinces him otherwise and using knowledge from the Darkhold AIDA builds an interdimensional gateway that Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie use to return to this reality.

The Laws of Inferno Dynamics Edit

Under orders from Radcliffe, AIDA imprisons May and traps her mind inside the Framework. Furthermore, AIDA replaces May with an LMD robot designed to look and act just like the real May.

Broken Promises Edit

Coulson tells Fitz and Radcliffe that they need to wipe AIDA's memory and replace her hard drive as AIDA read the Darkhold which means the book's contents are now saved on it and they can't risk anything from the Darkhold getting out.

Radcliffe, Fitz, and a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents go to Radcliffe's home where Radcliffe tries to deactivate AIDA, but she immediately reactivates herself. AIDA then accuses Radcliffe of trying to "kill" her, throws him across the room, and escapes.

AIDA breaks into the base and tries to steal the Darkhold, but is stopped by Mack who decapitates her.

At the end of the episode, it's revealed that AIDA was under Radcliffe's control the entire time; replacing May with an LMD and AIDA pretending to go rouge were all part of Radlciffe's plan to steal the Darkhold.

The Patriot Edit

Radcliffe tries to convince Fitz to let him examine AIDA's remains, but Fitz tells Radcliffe he isn't welcome on the base anymore because blame him for what AIDA did. However, the truth is Radcliffe only wanted to get on the base to check on the May LMD.

Wake Up Edit

The May LMD confronts Radcliffe at his home and tells him she knows she isn't the real May. She threatens to tell Coulson the truth, but Radcliffe tells her she can't because he programmed her to be unable to tell anyone that she's an LMD and he also programmed her to not be able to hurt him.

Suddenly, a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents bust in and arrest Radcliffe. Simmons explains how they know AIDA didn't go rouge, but Radcliffe ordered her to steal the Darkhold.

Back at the base, Fitz learns the Radcliffe they arrested was only an LMD replica and the real Radcliffe has joined the Watchdogs for their protection.

Hot Potato Soup Edit

The Watchdogs abduct Billy and Radcliffe uses the Framework to map Billy's brain and learn where he has hidden the Darkhold. He learns the Darkhold is hidden in a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. vault called The Labyrinth.

Radcliffe gets the Darkhold with help from the May LMD.


Coulson and Mack locate Agnes, an ex-girlfriend of Radcliffe's who has an inoperable brain tumor, and convince her to help them set a trap for Radcliffe.

Agnes sends Radcliffe an email and tells him she wants to meet him face-to-face. At the restaurant where they were suppose to meet, the waiter hands Agnes a cell phone and when Agnes answers it Radcliffe tells her that he has found a way to save her life and starts giving her directions. When Agnes meets Radcliffe, Radcliffe tells her that he has found a cure for death by creating a world where death is obsolete, referring to the Framework. At that point, Agnes smashes the communicator Coulson gave her and she willingly leaves with Radcliffe.

At the Watchdogs base, Radcliffe downloads Agnes' mind into the Framework and, as Agnes' body dies in the real world, Radcliffe comments how "her consciousness will live forever in the Framework."

The Man Behind the Shield Edit

Under orders from Radcliffe, AIDA replaces Mace, Coulson, Mack, and Fitz with LMD replicas and downloads the minds of the real agents into the Framework.

Self Control Edit

It's revealed that Radcliffe made a deal with Ivanov: Radcliffe agreed to help Ivanov exterminate the inhumans, which is what the LMD's of Coulson and the others are programed for, as long as Ivanov protects the Framework and keeps it functioning.

AIDA comes to Radcliffe with a paradox she's found; her two primary functions are to protect him and protect the Framework, but AIDA has determined that the greatest threat to the Framework is Radcliffe. AIDA has learned from studying human behavior that humans often regret choices they've made and AIDA fears that someday Radcliffe will regret building the Framework and dismantle it. Radcliffe then explains to AIDA all the good the Framework does and how it doesn't matter if the Framework isn't real because May and the others believe it's real.

At that point AIDA understands what she has to do; AIDA slits both of Radcliffe's wrists with a knife and then downloads his mind into the Framework as Radcliffe bleeds to death in the real world. Now, AIDA can protect both Radcliffe and the Framework as Radcliffe is now a part of the Framework.

Framework Universe Edit

The Framework is a virtual reality created by Radcliffe to imprison May and the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents while LMD imposters of them infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. However, Radcliffe's android assistant AIDA turned against him, killed Radcliffe in the real world, and downloaded his mind in the Framework.

In the Framework universe, Hydra won the war with S.H.I.E.L.D., now Hydra controls everything, and AIDA is the director of Hydra. Radcliffe was a Hydra scientist working on a way to turn inhumans into humans. However, he disappeared one day and no one has seen or heard from him since; the truth is, AIDA has both Agnes and Radcliffe imprisoned on an island, possibly to stop either of them returning to the real world.

Identity and Change Edit

Ward, Simmons, and Coulson find the island where Radcliffe is and he tells them where Coulson and the others bodies are in the real world. Furthermore, Radcliffe apologizes to Simmons as he never wanted to hurt anyone and he meant the Framework to be a paradise, but then they all see Zephyr One fly over them and land nearby.

AIDA, Fitz, and a team of Hydra soldiers step off and Radcliffe starts arguing with AIDA, but AIDA rebuffs Radcliffe by reminding him how she only did what he programmed her to do.

Fitz then brings out Agnes and AIDA tells him how Radcliffe intends to replace her with Agnes and how AIDA was Radcliffe's slave in the "other world". Fitz then takes out a gun and is about to shoot Agnes, but Radcliffe tries to make Fitz remember the real world and how he's a good person. However, Fitz tells Radcliffe he's wrong and kills Agnes. Radcliffe is then forced onto the Zephyr by the soldiers.

At the end of the episode, Daisy hears Radcliffe's screams as he's being tortured by Hydra.

No Regrets Edit

While imprisoned, Daisy and Radcliffe talk to each other through the air vent between their cells and Radcliffe tells Daisy how she can use the Framework's "backdoor" to escape back to reality.

Farewell, Cruel World! Edit

Fitz comes to see Radcliffe and explains to him how AIDA has built a machine in the real world that'll build her an organic body that she can download her mind into from within the Framework. Fitz tells Radcliffe he can use this machine to make himself a new body, but first he has to tell him where Simmons and the others are. Radcliffe then tells Fitz about the backdoor and where it is.

After finding the backdoor, Fitz is about to kill Simmons when Radcliffe betrays him and forces him through the portal back to the real world. Before Fitz leaves, Radcliffe tells Fitz not to blame himself as everything that has happened is his fault.

World's End Edit

Daisy uses her hacking skills to create a trail of yo-yo's for Radcliffe to follow to Yo-yo whose being held prisoner Hydra. Radcliffe rescues Yo-yo and helps her escape.

After Yo-yo and Mack return to the real world, Radcliffe is seen sitting on an empty beach watching the sunset while thinking of his beloved Agnes.

Radcliffe's final words are "This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but with a..." and he's deleted mid-sentence along with the Framework.

Trivia Edit

  • Radcliffe's eyes aren't entirely human, Simmons described them as some kind of bird-human genetic hybrid. When asked why, Radcliffe answered he was jealous of how birds have better eyesight than humans.
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