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John Garrett was a specialist working for S.H.I.E.L.D. He was Ward's training officer, and has a long, if not always pleasant, history with Coulson. His clearance level was not stated, but he referred to Coulson as 'the Level 8 jackass I'm staring at', which means it was high enough to be aware of Level Eight and know Coulson was alive (in the comics (New Avengers V4 012 issue), Garrett was Level 7).

Garrett is also the mysterious adversary Coulson's team fights against in Season 1 known as the Clairvoyant. However, Garrett isn't actually clairvoyant and only used his high-level security to view classified S.H.I.E.L.D. documents making it seem he could see the future. He is the main antagonist of season 1.

Biography Edit

Early History Edit

In 1972 during the Vietnam War, Garrett was wounded so severely that, in his words, "he had to duct-tape himself together," yet S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters would not send a MedEvac helicopter for him. Garrett swore revenge on S.H.I.E.L.D. that day and this led him to join Hydra. However, Garrett was never a loyal agent of Hydra and only saw joining Hydra as a means to an end.

Garrett was able to keep himself alive with cybernetic enhancements from Cybertek as part of their Project: Deathlok.

In 1999, Garrett broke a young Grant Ward out of juvenile hall after he was arrested for arson and the attempted murder of his older brother. Garret told Ward he worked for a secret organization that's always looking to recruit boys like him.

Garrett spent several years training Ward how to be a spy, or as Ward put it made him a killer, before enrolling him in the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy. However, all the time Ward was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent he was secretly working for Garrett and Hydra.

In 2013, Garrett learned his organs were failing and Cybertek told Garrett he only had months to live. Around the same time, Garrett learned Phil Coulson, who was killed before the Battle of New York, was alive again and Garrett became determined to learn how Coulson was brought back to life, hoping the same procedure could be used to save his own life. To this end, Garrett had Ward join Coulson's team with the mission of learning how Coulson was resurrected.

However, Ward learned Coulson didn't remember how he came back to life, therefore Garrett had Edison Po and Raina kidnap Coulson and use the memory recall machine on him to force him to remember. Then, Garrett ordered Ian Quinn to shoot Skye hoping Coulson would be compelled to save her life using the same drug that saved his.

T.A.H.I.T.I. Edit

After Coulson's team brought Ian Quinn into their custody, Garrett and Antoine Triplett were sent to the Bus by S.H.I.E.L.D in order to bring Quinn into official S.H.I.E.L.D custody. After making a deal with Coulson to keep Quinn there in order to help Skye, Garrett went with Coulson, Ward and Fitz to raid the Guest House and find GH.325, the mysterious serum that helped heal Coulson's dead heart.

After detonating the planted explosives and making it back to the Bus, Garrett and Triplett brought Quinn into custody and took him to the Fridge.

End of the Beginning Edit

Days later, Coulson calls a meeting with Garrett, Hand, Sitwell, and Blake aboard the Bus. There, Coulson first explains how he wanted to have the meeting in person and while the Bus was airborne to make sure the Clairvoyant couldn't spy on them. He further explains that he and Garrett theorize the Clairvoyant isn't someone on the Index, but rather someone who was rejected from it and Garrett has already compiled a list of suspects. The agents are grouped into teams of two, with one agent having the name of a certain suspect and the other having the location of said suspect. While Ward went with Triplett and May went with Agent Blake, Garrett went with Coulson to locate Noriko Sato, a possible suspect to be the Clairvoyant. Quickly, they notice conveniently placed and timed roadblocks obstructing their path, and notice that multiple cars attempt to corner them. Realizing that they are compromised, the agents drive off. Coulson is then informed that Blake and May have been attacked by Deathlok and Blake is in critical condition; Coulson, Garrett, and the others return to the Hub to regroup.

Blake was able to shoot Deathlok with a tracer bullet and Garrett and the others were able to use that to track Deathlok to an abandoned building in Florida. The team follows Deathlok to Thomas Nash, the man believed to be the Clairvoyant. After giving veiled threats to Skye's life, Ward loses control and coldly kills Nash with a bullet to the chest, shocking Garrett and the other agents watching.

Turn, Turn, Turn Edit

At the beginning of the episode, Garrett is fired on by two S.H.I.E.L.D drones, which he shakes off with the help of Coulson. Garrett then docks his jet aboard the Bus and Skye informs the team about a signal being sent out activating every Hydra sleeper agent within S.H.I.E.L.D. After realizing those drones were sent from the Hub, Coulson deduces Hand must be the real Clairvoyant and a Hydra agent. Garrett first suggests they should parachute out of the Bus immediately, but Coulson refuses as Simmons and Trip are at the Hub.

After arriving the Hub, the team begins searching for Simmons and Trip, but Garret argues they should kill Hand first. Garrett then lets it slip to Coulson how the memory recall machine Po used on him was also used on Raina; Coulson never told anyone that thus the only way Garrett could know that would be if he's the Clairvoyant.

A team of Hydra agents then burst into the room and Garrett confesses to Coulson and the others how he's the real Clairvoyant. Garrett had Deathlok lead them to Nash and then ordered Ward to kill Nash to trick Coulson into thinking the Clairvoyant was dead. Garret then ordered the agents to kill Coulson, May, and Fitz, but a nearby explosion caused by Ward and Skye distracted them and a fight ensues. Fitz is able to knock out Garrett and the other Hydra agents with a gadget allowing Hand to arrest all of them.

At the end of the episode, Hand escorts Garrett to the Fridge with Ward, but along the way Hands asks Ward if he would rather just kill Garret now and hands him a gun. However, instead of shooting Garrett, Ward shoots Hand and the other two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and then helps Garrett escape.

Providence Edit

At the beginning of the episode, Ward breaks Raina out of prison and takes her to meet Garrett at a barber shop in Cuba. Garrett reveals he's the Clairvoyant and welcomes her to Hydra. He then reveals the barber shop is actually just a cover for a Hydra base and gives her a tour; Ward gives her a hard drive containing all the research Simmons did on GH. 325 and Garrett wants her to remake the drug.

Next, Garrett leads a Hydra team with Ward on a raid of the Fridge. After killing the guards, Garret shows Ward

Providence 171

Garrett and Ward taking the Fridge

the "toy store" section of the Fridge where all the items S.H.I.E.L.D. supposedly put in the Slingshot are stored including the Berserker Staff, Plasma Particle Beam, and the Atmospheric Moisture Freezing Device. Garrett then releases all the prisoners and comments how "this'll keep Coulson busy for awhile".

Back at the base, Raina informs Garrett that the hard drive she gave him is encrypted so if anyone besides Skye tries to access its' data then all the data is erased. Garrett then orders Ward to get the password for the drive from Skye and if he can't get the password within 24 hours to kill Coulson and the others and bring Skye to him. Before Ward leaves, Garrett breaks two of Ward's ribs and cracks his cheekbone to make it look like Ward was fighting Hydra.

At the end of the episode, Garrett welcomes Quinn to the base and as a gift gives him back the gravitonium S.H.I.E.L.D. confiscated from him when they arrested him.

Nothing Personal Edit

First, it's revealed Garrett was afraid Ward's feelings for Skye might stop him from completing his mission therefore Garrett had Deathlok follow Ward to make sure Ward would get the password from Skye. After Skye learns Ward is a Hydra agent, Deathlok tries to decrypt the drive with his cybernetics, but fails and then he receives a message saying Garrett is done waiting and orders him to go with "plan B". Deathlok then stops Wards heart and agrees to restart it if Skye tells him how to unlock the drive. Skye tells Deathlok and he saves Wards life.

Ragtag Edit

Garrett orders Deathlok to very publicly kill a Columbian drug lord and after he completes his mission Garrett rewards him by streaming a video of his son to his eye implant. It's later revealed Garrett had Deathlok do this to demonstrate to the U.S. government how powerful a deathlok super-soldier really is. Raina then informs Garrett how her scientist are close to replicating GH. 325.

Back at their base, Garrett informs Ward that they're moving the lab to the U.S. As the Bus is being loaded with all their lab equipment, Ward catches Fitz and Simmons spying on them. He captures both of them and takes them to Garrett. Fitz then activates a miniature EMP which causes Garret's cybernetics to short circuit. Garrett then feels an intense pain in his abdomen and orders Ward to kill Fitz and Simmons. After Ward leaves, Raina takes care of Garrett and he tells her to inject him with GH. 325, hoping it would save his life.

After being injected, Garrett begins convulsing and his body starts glowing. When he calms down, Wards asks him what's he feeling and Garrett answers "the universe".

Beginning of the End Edit

Garrett tells Raina the drug gave him clarity of mind and he can now see "the world waiting below the surface of this world". Also, he begins compulsively drawing the same symbols repeatedly; it's later revealed this is a side effect of GH. 325 and the symbols are actually the designs for an alien city.

Beginning End 118

Garrett holding General Jacobs by his rib bone

Garrett, Ward, and Deathlok go to a Cybertek facility where Quinn is in the middle of convincing a group of military generals to invest government funds into Project Deathlok. Garrett then tells Quinn they don't need them anymore and refers to the generals as "slaves that will serve our future". Garrett then agrees to demonstrate his power and brutally murders one of the generals with his bare hands.

Ward later informs Garrett that the facility is under attack by S.H.I.E.L.D. and all the Deathlok soldiers have been given their "default directive", that is to protect Garrett at all costs. Garrett then receives a call from Skye who tells him they're in the Deathlok control center and Garret orders Ward to go get her.

After Ward leaves, Coulson attacks Garrett and Garrett punches him across the room with his newfound super strength. Fury then arrives and gives Coulson the Revenge which he uses to knock out a team of Deathlok soldiers protecting Garrett. Fury shoots Garrett several times, but Garrett quickly recovers as accelerated healing is another one of his new powers. Garrett then rants that he's "the key to the future of the universe, I'm the origin of all things" then orders Deathlok to kill Fury and Coulson. However, Deathlok receives a message from Skye telling him that they freed his son Ace, he then fires his rocket launcher at Garrett and stomps on his head presumably killing him.

At the end of the episode, it's revealed Garrett is still alive. He crawls to a Cybertek machine which first scans his body and then begins equipping him with a suit of armor similar to the kind Deathlok has. Garrett then stands up, stronger than ever, and declares himself to be unstoppable. Coulson then shoots Garrett with the plasma particle beam and vaporizes him.

Powers Edit

Garrett injected himself with the Centipede Serum to keep himself alive, but because his body was already so weak he didn't receive the super strength that normally came with the serum. However, after being injected with GH.325, Garrett gained super strength presumably because he could now use the serum's full effects.

  • Superhuman Strength: Garrett demonstrated to be strong enough to rip a person in half and punch Coulson clear across the room.
  • Healing Factor/Regeneration: Garrett was able to survive being shot by Fury several times and his wounds seemed to heal almost instantly. This power seems to stem from combining GH.325 with the Centipede serum.



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Memorable QuotesEdit


Garrett: [to Quinn] Tell us about Cybertek and the Deathlok program.
Coulson: Deathlok?
Garrett: Catchy right? Sounds like some wrestler from the eighties. What is it really?

"End Of The Beginning"

Garrett: Damn, I must be getting old. Either that or I drank a lot more in my thirties than I remember.


Agent Kaminsky: Hail HYDRA!
Garrett: All right, all right, put your arms down, Kaminsky. You look like a West Texas cheerleader at a pep rally.


Young Ward: You were gonna let me die!
Garrett: Okay. First off, I think we should use our indoor voices.

Young Ward: Give me one reason not to blow your head off.
Garrett: I brought tacos.

Garrett: You remember when we first met, I told you I worked for a secret organization? Well, it's more like I work for a secret organization inside another secret organization. You ever heard of HYDRA? HYDRA understands the importance of survival.

"Beginning of the End"

Garrett: When was the last time anyone saw a tag team wrestling match between four dead guys.

Garrett:You remember that speech you used to give us, Nick? About how one man can accomplish anything once he realizes he can be something bigger? Well, now I am. Fury:A part. A part of something bigger. Garrett:Is that how it went? Coulson:[to Fury] Not a great listener.

Trivia Edit

  • Garrett is seen listening to "Don't Fear the Reaper" by the Blue Oyster Cult. It is likely that Garrett liked the Classic Rock genre of music.
  • Garrett would get phone calls from Alexander Pierce and when Trip asked Garrett about them he said "we have a mutual friend", referring to the fact they're both Hydra agents.
  • Garrett often wears turtle neck sweaters to hide the burn scars on his chest.
  • Edison Po gave Garrett the name the Clairvoyant.
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