After Dr. Andrew Garner was exposed to the terrigen mist, he became the Inhuman known as Lash. At first, Andrew would regularly switch from his human form into Lash, but eventually, after Andrew's terrigenesis was complete, Andrew transitioned to Lash permanently. He was still Andrew but he was Lash at the same time.

Lash was killed by Hellfire after saving Quake from Hive.


Lash Out Edit

After Andrew returned from his vacation with May, Coulson asked him to look through the books S.H.I.E.L.D. found in Jiaying's office. One of the books was a list of names of inhumans, but Jiaying had placed a terrigen crystal inside the spine of the book in order to prevent any humans from reading it and as soon as Andrew opened the book he accidentally broke the crystal thereby releasing the mist and causing his body to become encased in a cocoon.

When Andrew emerged from his cocoon he was relieved to still be alive, but he felt this strange desire like "a hunger on my mortal skin" that compelled Andrew to find other inhumans. Eventually, Andrew tracked down an inhuman, that was when he transformed into Lash for the first time, and he killed that inhuman immediately. Lash then transformed back into Andrew and he felt a sense of relief.

Andrew kept his identity as Lash secret from May as he feared she wouldn't understand and he, also, wanted to protect her. Andrew gave the list of inhuman names he got from Jiaying's book to Dwight Frye, who worked for the Social Security Administration, and with his computer skills began hunting down inhumans.

Hunting Inhumans Edit

In "Laws of Nature," Lash goes to the hospital where Lincoln works and fights with him, Mack and Daisy. The fight is one-sided, however, as neither Mack's gun nor Lincoln or Daisy's powers seem to stop Lash. Daisy collapses the floor under Lash's feet and he flees as the ATCU arrives.

In "Devils You Know," Lash attacks an inhuman couple in their home; after killing the couple, Lash briefly fights with one of Alisha's copies and kills her just before Mack and Daisy arrive. Later, Lash attacks an ATCU truck transporting Dwight; fearing Dwight may reveal his identity as Andrew, Lash kills him.

In "Chaos Theory," after his identity as Lash is exposed, Andrew transforms into Lash and begins fighting Lincoln. Lash defeats Lincoln and is about to kill him when Mack starts shooting him in the back with an ICER and Lash chases after him. Lash knocks Mack unconscious and is about to kill him when Coulson grabs his arm with his prosthetic hand. Lash is about to kill Coulson when an ATCU team starts shooting at him and he charges at them. Lash kills the ATCU agents and tries to kill Rosalind by throwing her off a ledge, but Daisy catches her.

Lash then begins fighting with Lincoln again, but May stands between them and starts talking with Lash to calm him down. Lash transforms back into Andrew and May shoots him several times thereby forcing him into the containment module. Andrew briefly transforms back into Lash as the module fills with gas and he passes out.

May, later, agrees to let the ATCU put Andrew in a stasis pod, hoping it'll slow his transformation into Lash.

In "Maveth," after Simmons is taken prisoner by Hydra, she escapes and finds a tent housing all the Inhumans the ATCU has imprisoned, including Andrew. When Simmons finds Andrew, she explains they didn't know the ATCU was Hydra; Simmons then notices two Hydra soldiers getting closer, lets Andrew out who transforms into Lash, and he immediately kills the two soldiers while Simmons escapes. After Simmons leaves, Lash proceeds to kill all the other Inhumans present and then escapes himself.

The Last Transformation Edit

In "Spacetime," Andrew surrenders himself to S.H.I.E.L.D. and explains that he feels Lash taking over and he knows that the next time he transforms he'll be Lash forever. Andrew explains that he wants S.H.I.E.L.D. to keep Lash contained as he knows Lash will kill more people if he's free.

They inject Andrew with a Terrigenesis vaccine Simmons has been working on, hoping that it may stop his transformation, but, while Andrew and May are talking, Andrew feels himself about to transform and locks himself in the containment module. May watches as Andrew transforms into Lash for the last time.

Lash's Purpose Edit

In "Emancipation," Coulson, May, and Lincoln secretly devise a plan to kill Hive; first Lincoln tricks Daisy into helping him escape the base by hacking into the autopilot of a Quinjet, but when the Quinjet arrives Hive is surprised to see Lash aboard the Quinjet instead of Lincoln. They knew Daisy was spying on them and she'd know about any plan they'd make therefore they had to trick Daisy into leading them to Hive.

While Coulson and Lincoln had the others distracted, May secretly put Lash aboard the quinjet and Lincoln got off it just before Daisy has it take off. Lincoln is convinced that Lash's purpose is to kill Hive.

Lash and Hive begin fighting, but the fight is one-sided as Lash disintegrates Hive parasites before they can take control of him. Lash wounds Hive, but he is then attacked by a pack of Primitives which he quickly defeats.

Daisy then arrives to defend Hive, but Lash uses his energy power on Daisy which, instead of killing her, removes and destroys the parasites that were inside her. Lash then carries Daisy back to the Quinjet, but is impaled through the chest by James' chain and killed. Daisy holds his hand as Lash breathes his last breath.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


When Andrew transforms into Lash, he undergoes a physical transformation while also gaining several inhuman powers:

  • Healing Factor/Regeneration: Lash is able to withstand various forms of attack such as Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell's powers without succumbing to harm, as well as multiple gunshot hits. Bullets can still penetrate his skin and can possibly kill him..
  • Superhuman Strength: Lash has demonstrated to have enhanced strength by how he was able to break free from the grip of Coulson's prosthetic hand and how he was able to shove Hive across the room. It is said that he can lift upwards of 1000 tons.
  • Disentigration: Lash generates a kind of blue energy from his hands that causes any object he touches to turn to dust.
    • Parasite Removal:When Lash uses his energy power on a person, it normally kills them and leaves a large hole in their chest. However, if Lash uses his energy power on an inhuman infected with Hive's parasites it removes and destroys the parasites thus freeing them from Hive's control. Furthermore, at least in Daisy's case, inhumans that Lash has freed from Hive become temporarily immune to Hive's parasites, but only for 1-3 days.

Trivia Edit

  • Before Lash was revealed to be the killer, Coulson thought the ATCU was killing inhumans and Rosalind thought S.H.I.E.L.D. was killing Inhumans.
  • The ATCU morgue is filled with the remains of Lash's victims.
  • Lincoln believed that Lash's purpose was to kill Hive, but Fitz commented in "Emancipation" that Lash's real purpose may have been to rescue Daisy.

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