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Lincoln Campbell was an Inhuman from Afterlife and developed a romantic relationship with Daisy.

Lincoln sacrificed himself to kill Hive.


Early History Edit

Lincoln is a recovering alcoholic.

One night, while Lincoln was drunk, he got into fight with his girlfriend. He got in his car and tried to drive away, but she got in with him to try to talk him down. They kept arguing and Lincoln crashed the car into a telephone pole. They were both severely injured, but then Gordon appeared and saved both their lives. Gordon then explained to Lincoln how he's been watching him and then brings Lincoln to Afterlife.

While Lincoln was still learning to control his power, he accidentally started an electrical fire that almost burned down Afterlife.

When Skye first met Lincoln, he said he lived in Cincinnati and was trying to finish med school.

Afterlife Edit

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After Gordon takes Skye to Afterlife, she wakes up two days later to find herself laying on a table, unable to move, and Lincoln standing next to her. Lincoln explains that he's her "transitioner" and they're giving her an acupuncture treatment to help her body adjust to the physical changes brought on by terrigenesis.

After Skye’s treatment is done Lincoln gives her a tour of Afterlife and assures her she can leave anytime she wants. When Skye asks why everyone is staring at her, Lincoln explains that the other inhumans are envious of her because they've been waiting years to get permission to go through terrigenesis and she did it without any kind of training or preparedness. Later, Lincoln shows Skye her room, says goodnight to her, and tells her tomorrow they'll learn what her power is. Also, Lincoln disappoints Skye when he tells her there is no way to take away her powers.

The next day Lincoln tells Skye after they learn what her power is a "guide" will be selected to teach her to control her power. Lincoln then lets it slip that Raina is also at Afterlife and tries to tell Skye that Raina deserves the same treatment as anyone else.

The Frenemy of My Enemy Edit

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Jiaying has Lincoln follow Skye and Cal to Milwaukee in order protect Skye from her father.

As Cal fantasizes about the life he and Skye could have had together, he notices Lincoln and Cal realizes that he isn't going back to Afterlife with them. Cal then begins fighting with Lincoln, but their fight is interrupted when they realize a team of Hydra agents have stormed the building. Lincoln tells Skye to run while he holds off Deathlock, but Lincoln soon realizes his electrical powers are ineffective against the cyborg. Bakshi then arrives and uses some type of grenade to knock them both unconscious.

The Dirty Half Dozen Edit

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Lincoln wakes up in a Hydra prison cell with Mike in another cell next to his. Mike asks Lincoln if Gordon will rescue them, but Lincoln explains that Gordon won't risk leading Hydra back to Afterlife. A device then activates in both their cells which knocks them each unconscious.

After Raina has a vision of Skye rescuing Lincoln in the future, Skye teams up with Coulson and the others to infiltrate the Hydra base where Skye finds Lincoln laying on an operating table with no heartbeat. Skye is able to revive him with her power and they successfully rescue Lincoln, but he's still unconscious.

Scars Edit

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Lincoln wakes up from his coma and Skye tells him he’s safe, but Lincoln gets scared when he realizes he’s in a S.H.I.E.L.D. base. Lincoln then tells Skye she should’ve never saved him because now that S.H.I.E.L.D. knows about inhumans they’ll never stop looking for Afterlife. After Simmons interviews Lincoln and adds his name to the Index, Coulson lets Lincoln and Skye leave the base and Gordon arrives to take them back to Afterlife.

S.O.S. Part One Edit

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After Jiaying declares war on S.H.I.E.L.D., Gordon teleports Lincoln and several other inhumans aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. ship, The Iliad, where together they quickly take control of the ship and imprison all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents aboard.

S.O.S. Part Two Edit

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Skye tries to deactivate the ship's distress beacon, but Lincoln catches Skye and a fight ensues. Skye explains to Lincoln that Jiaying lied to them; Jiaying murdered Gonzales, fired missiles at Afterlife herself to frame S.H.I.E.L.D., Raina knew the truth which is why Jiaying killed her, and she plans on killing every human on the ship. At first Lincoln doesn't believe Skye, but slowly realizes what Skye is saying is true. Mack then sucker punches Lincoln and knocks him unconscious, not knowing of Lincoln's change of heart.

Later, Lincoln removes the gloves that were preventing Skye from using her power and fights Alisha with May while Skye fights Jiaying. Lincoln uses his power to knock out the original Alisha which also knocks out all the other Alishas.

Laws of Nature Edit

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Daisy and Mack visit Lincoln at the hospital where he works to try to convince him to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and help Joey and other inhumans who have just gone through terrigenesis transition. Lincoln refuses to help, however, as he’s trying to live a normal life now and doesn’t want anything to do with inhumans or S.H.I.E.L.D. Lincoln now believes his power is a curse and not a gift like Jiaying wanted him to believe. When Mack tries to stop Lincoln from leaving, Lincoln is about to fight him when he notices the lights start flickering.

Lincoln, Daisy, and Mack go downstairs where they encounter Lash who has come to kill Lincoln. Lincoln and Daisy both attack Lash with their powers, but that doesn't stop him. Daisy then collapses the floor under Lashes feet and the group realizes the police are surrounding the hospital. People saw Lincoln use his powers thus the A.T.C.U. now knows Lincoln is inhuman. Daisy asked Lincoln to come with them, but he ran in the other direction.

A Wanted (Inhu)man Edit

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The episode opens with Lincoln running from an A.T.C.U. team through a forest. He’s able to lose them, however, after he uses his powers to overload some powerlines and create a shower of sparks. After he escaped, the A.T.C.U. gave Lincoln’s picture and information to every law enforcement agency in the country saying Lincoln was an "alien terrorist."

Daisy calls Lincoln to offer her help, but he hangs up immediately and then destroys the tracer Mack planted on Lincoln back at the hospital. Lincoln, later, calls a friends of his named John to pick him up. At John’s apartment Lincoln tells him he’s in some trouble and John lets him stay the night. However, his attitude changes when he sees Lincoln’s picture on the news and calls the A.T.C.U. John tries to stop Lincoln from leaving, but when he sees Lincoln use his powers he suddenly drops dead of a heart attack, more than likely brought on by the sudden terror. Lincoln tries to revive John, but fails and then calls Daisy for help.

When Daisy arrives, Lincoln tells her he'll work with her, but not with S.H.I.E.L.D. Mack then walks in the room, however, with an A.T.C.U. team and informs Daisy Coulson made a deal with Rosalind where the A.T.C.U. stops hunting her if they give Lincoln over to them. Lincoln then uses his powers to disorient the A.T.C.U. agents and escape.

Chaos Theory Edit

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Lincoln meets with Mack to tell him he believes Lash is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and he already knows Mack isn't Lash because they fought Lash together. Lincoln went looking for other inhumans from Afterlife, but those that weren't missing were dead which got Lincoln thinking about how Lash is finding his victims. Jiaying kept a ledger of inhuman names and when Jiaying was killed S.H.I.E.L.D. took it; Coulson gave the ledger to Dr. Garner which can only mean Andrew is Lash.

Lincoln goes with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the A.T.C.U. to an abandoned building where Andrew took May. Coulson tries to convince Andrew to surrender, but, when he hears Andrew say that he only killed people that deserved to die, Lincoln loses his temper and attacks Andrew after he transforms into Lash. Lash is about to kill Lincoln when Mack starts shooting him in the back causing Lash to chase after him.

Many Heads, One Tale Edit

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Lincoln partners with May on a mission to infiltrate an A.T.C.U. facility. During the mission, May apologizes to Lincoln for not realizing sooner Andrew was Lash because if she had then maybe they could've stopped Lash from killing his friends. Lincoln rebuffs May by thanking her for shooting Lash when she did.

Maveth Edit

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Lincoln and Joey go on a mission with S.H.I.E.L.D. to rescue Fitz and Simmons from a Hydra castle. After they sneak in, Lincoln uses his powers to cause a power outage and later knocks Giyera unconscious while protecting Daisy. They meet up with Simmons, Bobbi, Hunter, and Mack in the chamber with the Monolith and Simmons explains Ward took Fitz with him to Maveth. After Simmons also explains Malick's plan to bring Hive back to Earth, Lincoln suggests they destroy the Monolith now before the portal opens to prevent Hive from returning. Mack orders everyone back to Zephyr One while he and Daisy stay behind to wait for Coulson and Fitz to come through the portal.

The Inside Man Edit

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Lincoln and May serve as Coulson's bodyguards while he meets with Talbot. Lincoln notices someone following them, May recognizes it to be The Absorbing Man, and orders Lincoln to attack. Lincoln shocks Creel with a bolt of electricity, but Creel absorbs the rubber from a car tire thus making Lincoln's attack ineffective. May then hits Creel with a wrench causing Creel to absorb the wrenches metal making him vulnerable to Lincoln's attacks. Lincoln is about to kill Creel, but Coulson orders him to stand down.

Later, Lincoln and Daisy are sparring without powers, and Simmons walks in on them just as they are about to kiss. Simmons shows Lincoln a possible vaccination for terrigenisis, and Daisy gets mad that he is considering stopping people from becoming who they were meant to be.

After that, Daisy comes into Lincoln's room to apologize, and Lincoln admits he is jealous of how well she can control her powers. He thinks his go out of control, but Daisy tells him it's okay to get out of control sometimes, then takes her shirt off, and the two start kissing.

Watchdogs Edit

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Lincoln goes on a mission with Coulson to search Blake's old safe-houses for any clues about where he is now. While on the plane, Lincoln asks Coulson about his agent evaluation and Coulson explains how it’s nothing that will surprise him. He’s with S.H.I.E.L.D. for Daisy not because he believes in the work they do; Coulson says he needs to know Lincoln can follow orders and is committed to S.H.I.E.L.D. before he officially becomes an agent.

They eventually find Blake in a safe house in Atlanta and, after hearing Blake make a long speech about how S.H.I.E.L.D. protects powered people, Coulson orders Lincoln to kill Blake. Lincoln shoots a bolt of electricity at Blake, but discover the Blake they’ve been talking to was a hologram the entire time. Coulson then explains to Lincoln that he knew it was a hologram, but he commends Lincoln for following orders.

Paradise Lost Edit

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Lincoln tells Coulson he may know of an inhuman from Afterlife named James that knows more about Hive. He didn’t tell them about James sooner as Lincoln never believed what James said until recently when they all saw Hive for themselves. Lincoln and Daisy take a quinjet to South Dakota to meet him.

At first, James thinks Jiaying sent them to kill him, but Daisy explains to him Jiaying is dead and Afterlife has been destroyed. Lincoln tells James that if he gives them what he stole from Afterlife and tells them what he knows about Hive then they'll give him a terrigen crystal which'll let him experience terrigenesis. James gives them the Kree Orb he stole and tells them the origin of Hive, but Lincoln goes back on their deal, takes the Orb, and comments how Jiaying was right not to give him powers.

The Team Edit

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Daisy gets a distress call from May saying that her and the others have all been taken prisoner by Hydra. Daisy assembles the Secret Warriors (herself, Lincoln, Elena, and Joey) to rescue them. Once inside the base, the team splits up and, while Daisy opens the hangar doors and Joey and Elena rescue May and the others, Lincoln captures Malick. The mission is a success and they all return to base.

After Malick tells Coulson Hive has the power to control inhumans infected with his parasites, he puts the base on lock-down until they know for sure if any of the Secret Warriors are infected. Coulson then tries to force the inhumans into quarantine, but they all claim to not be infected and Daisy tells the others she knows of a way to get off the base without anyone knowing. However, Daisy actually leads them all into a trap inside the Containment Room where Coulson is waiting. Coulson then accuses Lincoln of being infected as they found the Kree Orb inside his locker. Lincoln then attacks Coulson, but Daisy knocks him out with her powers. Coulson then puts each of them into quarantine and tells Daisy the Secret Warriors are disbanded until they destroy Hive.

Later, Daisy breaks out of her quarantine room and visits Lincoln. She offers to break him out too and reveals that she was infected by Hive earlier at the Hydra base. Also, Daisy put the Kree Orb in Lincoln's locker to frame him in order to throw suspicion off herself. Daisy tells Lincoln that she's happier than she has ever been and tries to convince Lincoln to join the Hive, but Lincoln says he doesn't want any part of Hive. Daisy leaves, but says he'll join Hive someday.

The Singularity Edit

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Worried Daisy may lead Hive to other inhumans, Coulson, Lincoln, and May go on a mission to check on Alisha. Before they leave, Coulson gives Lincoln a vest filled with miniature explosives and tells him that if he wants to go he has to wear it. If Hive infects him then May will detonate the vest which'll kill Lincoln instantly. Under protest, Lincoln agrees to wear the vest.

Lincoln encounters Alisha inside a parking garage, but Lincoln learns she's already infected and a fight ensues. Alisha tries to convince Lincoln to join the Hive, but Lincoln grabs a copy and tells Alisha to tell him where Daisy is or he'll kill her. However, Alisha says Hive won't let her tell him and shoots the other copy before being shot by Coulson.

Later, Coulson tells Lincoln that he's off field duty until Fitz and Simmons find a cure for Hive's parasites.

Failed Experiments Edit

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Lincoln volunteers to become a test subject for the antitoxin Fitz and Simmons created that's meant to make an inhuman immune to Hive's parasites, but Coulson denies Lincoln the chance to take it as it could kill him. However, against Coulson’s orders, Lincoln injects himself with the antitoxin which causes his body to discharge a huge amount of electricity and to begin convulsing. Simmons wants to inject him with a serum that’ll counteract the antitoxin, but Lincoln begs her not to use it.

After Lincoln recovers Simmons tells him she needs a tissue sample from his brain to make sure the antitoxin worked. Later, Simmons informs Lincoln that her tests show the antitoxin failed.

Emancipation Edit

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As a side effect of the antitoxin, Lincoln's immune system is still compromised and until the side effects ware off Lincoln has been forced to stay in the Containment Room. While Lincoln is imprisoned, Daisy contacts him and Lincoln tells her he wants to see her. Together they devise a plan for Lincoln to escape the base. Daisy guides Lincoln through the base and has him board a quinjet she has taken remote control of which she flies to her and Hive's location.

However, Lincoln lied to Daisy and only pretended to escape; Lincoln was never aboard the quinjet and, while everyone else was looking for Lincoln, May put Lash aboard the quinjet. May informed Lincoln about the plan by placing hidden written messages on his food trays; they knew Daisy was spying on them which is why they had to trick her into leading them to her. Lincoln believes it's Lash's purpose to kill Hive.

Later, they learn Lash wasn't able to kill Hive, but did cure Daisy and Daisy uses the quinjet to fly back to base.

Absolution Edit

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Lincoln goes on a mission with Mack, May, and Elena, while wearing the explosive vest, to stop Hive from launching a missile from a military missile silo that will spread Radcliffe's pathogen across the world and turn millions of people into Primitive Inhumans. After Fitz and Gen. Talbot get the kill codes, Lincoln and May uses them to override the missile launch sequence and stop the launch.

Next, Lincoln leads Hive into a trap set by Mack where, as soon as Hive is in position, they activate the Hydra Memory Machine thereby forcing Hive to vividly recall the memories of all his past hosts. While Hive is distracted, Elena rescues the hostages and, while Hive is still disoriented, they imprison him inside a gel matrix cube.

Ascension Edit

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Giyera and James set off a pathogen bomb inside the base which turn dozens of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into Primitives who then free Hive. Hive takes Zephyr One, planning to first fly it up to a high enough altitude then explode it thereby spreading the pathogen across the world.

Disregarding Coulson's orders, Lincoln and the others go with him aboard a quinjet and then dock the jet with Zephyr One. While a Coulson hologram distracts Hive, Lincoln fights with James and knocks James out, but a bomb James made explodes right near Lincoln and seriously wounds him.

Coulson programs the quinjet to fly into outer space and, while the others hold off the Primitives, Daisy loads the warhead containing the pathogen onboard. However, when Lincoln realizes Daisy plans on sacrificing herself, he goes to stop her. Hive is on the quinjet trying to stop Daisy, but Lincoln forces Daisy off the jet and short circuits the manual controls to stop Hive from changing the jet's course. Lincoln talks to Daisy over the radio to tell her he knows that his purpose is to destroy Hive.

As soon as the jet breaches Earth's gravity field, Lincoln and Hive begin floating. They both stare out the window and Lincoln comments how small Earth looks from this perspective.The warhead then detonates and Hive and Lincoln both die, thus fulfilling the vision Charles gave Daisy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Electrokinesis: After Lincoln went through terrigenesis, he said every cell in his body was given a different electrical charge. He was able to manipulate electric currents. Lincoln's gift had been shown in several ways in the show. This ability has been used to start/stop hearts, to power objects, to heat up water, and to control metal via electro-magnetism. More recently, Lincoln showed a delicate touch, 'redirecting' Werner von Strucker who was trapped in a terrifying memory.


Relationships Edit

  • Daisy Johnson - A close friend (and ally), and eventual girlfriend. In Season 3 the pair had more of an intimate relationship, and even started to date. He realized he couldn't give her what she needed or wanted, so he ended things, despite the fact both of them still cared for each other. He admitted he loved Daisy, as he flew out to space with the warhead, just before he died.

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Enemies Edit

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