Marcus Daniels is the former inmate of the Fridge who can generate Darkforce energy blasts and absorb any kind of energy, including draining life from people. For this reason he is known as "Blackout".

Biography Edit

Daniels was an assistant at a physics lab that was trying to harness the electrical power of "Darkforce", a form of cosmic radiation that's composed of pure negative energy and is unstable. A lab accident exposed Daniels to Darkforce radiation which changed him in such a way so that he could generate Darkforce and absorb energy.

According to Coulson the accident also fried Daniels' brain driving him insane.

After gaining his powers, Daniels began stalking Audrey Nathan, a Portland cellist. Daniels became obsessed with Audrey and romantically referred to her as "his only light in the darkness".

Agent Coulson led a S.H.I.E.L.D. team to contain Daniels and protect Audrey from him. S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to capture Daniels by exposing him to so much energy at once he couldn't absorb it all and he overloaded giving Coulson the opportunity to arrest him.

Marcus was incarcerated at the Fridge, however, he claims while he was in the Fridge S.H.I.E.L.D. experimented on him and tried to make his powers stronger. These were more than likely undercover Hydra agents that wanted to use him as a weapon.

When John Garrett and Grant Ward, among others, pillage the Fridge, Garrett makes a point of personally telling Daniels, "Don't forget to follow your dreams.". Daniels is later seen stealing a car and heading for Portland and Audrey. Daniels soon tracks Audrey down, however, Audrey is spirited away by Coulson's team before he can get near her.

Coulson's team later set a trap for Daniels by using Audrey as bait. Fitz modified the stage lights to fire gamma rays and, as soon a Daniels was in position, the team showered him with light which overloaded his powers. Daniels seemingly explodes as a cloud of Darkforce, although given the unknown nature of that power, there is no guarantee this is the end of him.


  • Darkforce Manipulation
  • Energy Absorption: Daniels can absorb any kind of energy including the natural bioelectricity of the human body thereby killing a person with one touch and can even absorb kinetic energy making conventional weapons useless against him.




"The Only Light in the Darkness"Edit

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