Ming-Na Wen is a Chinese American actress best known for her role as the voice actress of Mulan in the Disney film of the same name. She is also known for her regular role on NBC’s hit show ER, where she played Dr. Jing-Mei ‘Deb’ Chen and for her role as Camile Wray on SGU Stargate Universe and recurred on Eureka as the villainous Senator Michaela Wen.


In the film world, Wen starred opposite Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning in Push, and voiced the role of the eponymous heroine in Disney’s animated hit, Mulan. Older fans may remember her as Chun Li in the film version of Street Fighter (1994). She has also been a regular on such television shows as Josh Berman’s Vanished and As the World Turns, in addition to recurring on the hit show Two and a Half Men.[1]

In her private life, she's been married twice and divorced once. Still married to Eric Michael Zee and two children, Cooper Dominic Zee and Michaela Zee.


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