Project Deathlok was a program created by Cybertek in 1990 on the orders of John Garrett, who was also the first test subject. The project's final Deathlok subject was Mike Peterson, who was altered against his will. Cybertek had kidnapped Peterson's son, Ace, to exert control over him.

To demonstrate the power of a Deathlock super soldier to the government, Garret had Mike very publicly kill a Colombian drug lord. Later, Ian Quinn gave a tour of a Deathlock manufacturing facility to a group of military generals, telling them how if the military invests in Cybertek their super soldiers would replace their current special ops units. Furthermore, Quinn assured them with their investment they could build dozens of manufacturing facilities which would produce hundreds of super soldiers a day.

The project died with its creator when Garrett was killed by Peterson after Ace was rescued by Agent Coulson's team.

Trivia Edit

  • When Dr. Radcliffe created the LMD AIDA, he gave her the same cybernetic eyes Cybertek created for the Deathlok cyborgs.

People associated with Project DeathlokEdit

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