Steven Grant Rogers, better known as Steve Rogers or Captain America, is the leader of the Avengers, a super-soldier from World War II, who was inadvertently placed in suspended animation and revived decades later. He does not have a middle name according to Captain America #247, P17, Panel 1: "My middle name's not Grant...I never had a middle name!".

He was mentioned, both by his real name Steve Rogers, and his super-hero alter-ego Captain America, in the episode Girl in the Flower Dress, and cited again when Mike Peterson wanted to compare his time on the bulldozer push in The Bridge. In leadership and motivation terms he is seen by many in S.H.I.E.L.D. as the benchmark.

Agent Coulson is quite notably a fan of Captain America, and owns a collection of vintage Captain America trading cards, though this may now be incomplete, after Nick Fury's 'motivational act' with regard to the Avengers.

In "Winter Soldier", Cap's ID in the elevator when Fury is bringing him to the secret levels to show him the new helicarriers displays his status as a Level 8 agent.

Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Biology: Steve Rogers biology was artificially enhanced by the Supersoldier Serum, becoming the world's first avenger. He has gained a remarkable increase in strength, stamina and muscle power. He is also much faster and agile than a normal olympic athlete. His mental abilities, sensory system and reaction time has also been enhanced greatly. His metabolism and immune systems have been increased, making him immune to intoxication by alcohol or other earthy diseases. His His accelerated healing abilities cause his wounds to close and heal very quickly and even extend his longevity greatly. His accelerated healing even managed to cure his genetic deformities and diseases almost instantly, thereby making him genetically perfect.
  • Master Combatant: Due to his extensive years of training and experience in combat, he became a master of many forms of hand-to-hand combat and shield fighting techniques.
  • Master Strategist: Due to his extensive combat history, he is a highly skilled strategist, being able to create strategies which can easily adapt to a changing situation. During the Chirtari invasion, even the anti-authoritarian Tony Stark admired his leadership skills and followed his commands to the letter.
  • Spec Ops Expert: Due to his experience with the STRIKE team, he became well affiliated with the world of spies, stealth, hacking and espionage. He was even able to break into an underwater prison to rescue his fellow Avengers.


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