Captain America: The First AvengerEdit

A chemical solution invented by Dr. Abraham Erskine in the late 1930s to early 1940s. It was designed to comprehensively

The blue vial of Dr. Erskine's serum

enhance the overall physique of a person. It increases their strength, stamina, mental faculties, resilience, mobility, vitality and regeneration rate. The first one to be tested with it was Johann Schmidt. Because the chemicals were designed to amplify existing traits, it turned Johann into an even worse version of himself, and he even lost the skin on his face, leaving a red skull in its place. The second one to be tested was Steve Rogers, who Erskine hand picked himself after he heard Rogers' reasoning for entering the war, as well as observing his actions during training. Unlike with Schmidt, the effects of the serum worked like they were supposed to and enhanced the goodness in Rogers.

After the success of Rogers, Erskine was gunned down by a H.Y.D.R.A. agent (a group ran by Schmidt under Hitler's rule), and the last vial of the serum was stolen and broken after a chase scene. With Erskine dead, the last of the serum was inside of Rogers's DNA coding. Without the proper recipe, it cannot be effectively duplicated.

The Incredible HulkEdit

The serum was mentioned when General "Thunderbolt" Ross was explaining to Captain Emil Blonksy about the experiments done in the 40s to bring about super soldiers and that only one was a success (aka, Captain America). He continues to explain that it was the idea to recreate it that had Banner attempting to remake it for the military, this time using gamma radiation before it went wrong. Blonsky volunteers to try out the formula at hand, and is given a small dose, which makes him advanced strength & a rapid healing factor. While the serum was helpful in keeping the man alive after being nearly killed by the Hulk, Blonsky abandons the formula treatment and instead goes and gets gamma radiation, transforming him into the Abomination.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Edit

Project Centipede's formula has elements or aspects of the super soldier serum, hence why the subjects experience superhuman enhancements. This Extremis serum formula is mixed with gamma radiation and extraterrestrial metals. It had been used on Mike Peterson to heal his injured back. The formula is unstable, however, and can cause the person to be a bomb if they are too angry. (AOS) At least in the case of Michael Peterson, the Night-Night Gun had an unanticipated side effect of stabilizing the reactions within him, preventing explosion.


  • The serum used in the Pilot of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. acts in a manner similar to A.I.M's Extremist program
    • The two projects were used to "heal" injured people (everyday people for Project Centipede and soldiers for A.I.M.)
    • Both formulas can cause the host to blow up
  • Erskine explained that the serum enhanced the person's character as well
    • "Bad becomes worse" in Red Skull's case
    • "Good becomes great" in Captain America's case
  • Because Erskine, the only one who knew the recipe to the formula, died before he could write it down (if he would have at all, just to keep it out of H.Y.D.R.A.'s hands), the forumla cannot be repeated perfectly, which is why the copies of it often result in a disaster.
    • It could possibly be cracked if a scientist knowing what to look for found the coding in Captain America's DNA, since he is the only one who houses the formula.
  • The doctor's name that performed the experiments in The Incredible Hulk reads Dr. Reinstein; this is an alias for Dr. Erskine. His name was possibly changed when he arrived in America to escape Schmidt, who was pursuing him and the formula.