Werner von Strucker is the son of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

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Early Life Edit

Werner is the son of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, one of the heads of Hydra and according to Ward one of Hydra's greatest leaders.

Werner's father kept his son out of Hydra, with Werner saying, "my father rarely let me see any of his world."

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Werner's father is captured by the Avengers when they raid a Hydra base in Sokovia. Ultron, later, breaks into the prison in which Strucker is held and kills him, then writes the word "peace" on the wall of his cell in Strucker's blood.

Agent of Hydra Edit

In "Purpose in the Machine", Ward kidnaps Strucker from his yacht in Ibiza, Spain and demands that he gives him the password to his bank accounts and they'll torture him until he does. It wasn’t long before he gave them the information but after he did Ward’s interrogator started beating Strucker to death. Strucker fought back though and was going to kill the interrogator until Ward stepped in the room. Ward told him that this was just a test to see if he was strong enough to fight back if they pushed him. Ward showed Strucker around his base and told him how he’s going to rebuild Hydra stronger then it was before. Strucker was excited to become a Hydra agent and agreed to work for Ward. As his first mission, Ward had Strucker pose as a student and enroll in Dr. Garner's psychology class under the name Alexander Braun.

In "Devils You Know", Hunter and May attack Ward's base, Ward warned them that if they didn’t surrender now he’d have Strucker kill Andrew, but Hunter didn’t listen and shot at Ward. Ward then ordered Strucker to kill Andrew. Strucker and some other Hydra agents cornered Andrew in a convenience store and were going to kill him and burn down the store. However, a shootout started between the Hydra agents and a S.H.IE.L.D. agent that was shadowing Andrew. Also, Andrew transformed into Lash and killed the other Hydra agents. Strucker escaped, however, before Andrew could kill him too.

In "Among Us Hide...", after failing to kill Andrew, Strucker goes on the run for fear that Ward will kill him for failing his mission; although, really Ward wants to kill Strucker because Strucker knows too much about his plans.

Strucker first withdraws some cash from a Hydra bank account in the Cayman Islands and takes some fake ID’s and cash from a safety deposit box. He then visits Gideon Malick who tells him Ward shouldn't have sent him on that mission and he'll handle Ward for him. However, after Strucker leaves Malick calls Ward and gives him Strucker's location. Hydra agents track Strucker to a pent house in Lisbon, Portugal and begin torturing him so he'll tell them the location of the Von Strucker Family Vault. Bobbi and May show up, however, and beginning fighting Hydra. Just before Strucker slipped into a coma, he told May that Andrew was Lash.

In "Bouncing Back", it's revealed that Strucker is in a persistent vegetative state and is in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Coulson believed Strucker could help them find Malick by using the memory recall machine on him. However, after turning the machine on, Strucker became trapped in the memory of being tortured by Ward's thugs and was only freed after Lincoln shocked his head. Strucker then remembered that after going on the run from Ward he contacted Malick by going to an antique shop and using a landline phone directly connected to Malick's cell phone.

Trivia Edit

  • The password Strucker used in "Bouncing Back" was "Perizad sent me, we went to Princeton together."
  • The real reason Ward recruited Strucker was because Werner inherited the legendary von Strucker family vault from his father. Supposedly, the vault contains Hydra's greatest power and Ward believed Werner could help him take that power for himself. It is later revealed that this "great power" is a piece of the Monolith which has been handed down from one head of Hydra to the next for generations.
  • In the comics, Werner is the eldest son of the Baron, and half-brother to the twins Andrea and Andreas, the latter two, unlike him, being superpowered.
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