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When Will was a kid, he and his dad built their own telescope using instructions they found on the back of an astronomy magazine.

As an adult, Will became a test pilot for the Air Force. In 2001, he heard N.A.S.A. was looking for volunteers for an exploration mission to another world. He couldn’t resist and immediately enlisted.

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Since NASA had lost most of its funding, a small group within NASA convinced everyone that using the Monolith was the affordable future for space exploration. However, in reality, Will and the other astronauts were meant to be sacrifices to the Hydra god.

The team of astronauts Will was a part of was made up of himself and three scientists. They were told their mission was to map the planet's terrain, collect samples, and study the stars. Will's job was to protect the three scientists and keep them alive until NASA could reopen the portal and bring them back to Earth, which NASA estimated would take them about a year to work out. However, Will claimed there was this entity living on the planet and it has this way of getting inside people's heads and driving them insane. The first scientist jumped off a cliff and the second set himself on fire (really, though, the second scientist had his flesh eaten by Hive's parasites). The third used an ax to destroy all their equipment before trying to kill Will so Will had to kill him.

After 14 years alone on the planet, Will met Simmons. However, he wasn't sure if the "evil" had gotten to her too or if it had gotten to him and he was just hallucinating. He kept her in a cage for several days before finally realizing Simmons was a real person like him and let her out.

Simmons told Will how S.H.I.E.L.D. has the Monolith now and Will taught her how to survive. After several months of living with Will, Simmons was able to use a sextant she found near the bones of other people that were sent through the portal and Will’s computer to study the stars and predict when and where the portal would open next. They found the portal, but there was a huge canyon separating them from it and it closed before they could go through it.

Afterwards, Will and Simmons both accepted that neither of them would ever get back to Earth and they started developing a romantic relationship. Later, however, after Will and Simmons had grown close, Simmons saw the flare in the sky that Fitz had sent through and she knew Fitz had come to save them. However, a sandstorm kicked up and Will told Simmons to go to the portal while he distracted the entity so she could escape.

Simmons was able to get back to Earth, leaving Will behind. He was later killed by It, shortly after Simmons got back.

Will's body was later found by Fitz while he was on the planet with Hydra, but It had taken the form of his body, and Fitz was unaware of this fact, so he trusted it. "Will" helped Fitz and Hydra get to the portal, he and Fitz later escaped from Hydra along the way. Eventually, however, Fitz discovered a Necrotic Leg Wound on "Will", and that the person he was with was actually Will's body taken over by Hive, Fitz was later forced to kill him by first shooting him a few times, but after that didn't work, Fitz shot through Will's body with a flaregun, destroying it. This, however, still failed to kill Hive, as it was able to transfer itself to Grant Ward's body instead, due to the fact that Coulson had recently killed him nearby. Using Grant Ward's body, Hive was able to escape Maveth and locate Gideon Malick, preparing to begin his master plan.

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  • The equipment that NASA sent Will and the other astronauts with was solar powered and, because the planet had no sun, it quickly became useless.
  • When Simmons arrived, Will's gun only had one bullet left in it. He was going to use it on himself if things ever got too bad. Instead, he used it to shoot the entity so Simmons could escape to Earth. It was later revealed that Will died shortly after saving Simmons.
  • The program Will was a part of was called Distant Star Pathfinder.
  • The parts of the planet that Will told Simmons to stay away from because "it" lived there were called No Fly Zones. Each member of Will's team went there and when they came back they each went insane and killed themselves.

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